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TCG Cards

Down there are links to the various TCG cards done.

Current Card Count: 84 cards!

PA! Set Cards

Dojo's Flaafy (Electric Stage 1 - Evolves from Dojo's Mareep)
Silver Medal (Trainer - Pokémon Tool)
Bronze Medal (Trainer - Pokémon Tool)
Gold Medal (Trainer - Pokémon Tool)
Draconis's Gligar (Fighting)
Prized Energy Blast (Trainer - Extra Rule)
Scizor's Jumpluff (Grass Stage 2 - Evolves from Scizor's Skiploom)
Nick15's Ditto (Colorless)
The Echidna's Articuno (Water)
Emilioz's Charizard (Fire Stage 2 - Evolves from Emilioz's Charmeleon
MarsGuo's Hypno (Psychic Stage 1 - Evolves from MarsGuo's Drowzee)
The Chan's Houndoom (Dark Stage 1 - Evolves from The Chan's Houndour) (ERRATA: Treat this card as a Stage 1 card)
Kakkaroto's Togetic (Colorless Stage 1 - Evolves from Kakkaroto7's Togepi) (ERRATA: Treat this card as Kakkaroto7's Togetic)
DOJO's Ampharos (Lightning Stage 2 - Evolves from DOJO's Flaafy) ERRATA: Treat this card as Dojo's Ampharos
Multiplicationcy's Celebi (Grass)
BigWubba's Feraligatr (Water Stage 2 - Evolves from BigWubba's Croconaw)
The Nickling's Magmar (Fire)
GrowlieDude's Arcanine (Fire Stage 1 - Evolves from GrowlieDude's Growlithe)
Allen's Girafarig (Psychic)
Ebisumaru's Oddish (Grass)
Joe's Quilava (Fire Stage 1 - Evolves from Joe's Cyndaquil)
Psycho Cat's Lanturn (Water Stage 1 - Evolves from Psycho Cat's Chinchou)
Pikamaster's Tyranitar (Dark Stage 2 - Evolves from Pikamaster's Pupitar)
Purity's Sneasel (Dark)
Espeon's Politoed (Water Stage 2 - Evolves from Espeon's Poliwhirl)
Keanu's Zapdos (Lightning)
Eevee11's Vaporeon (Water Stage 1 - Evolves from Eevee11's Eevee)
Eevee11's Eevee (Colorless)
Marina's Lapras (Water)
Hitmonchan007's Hitmonchan (Fighting)
Mechachu's Kangaskhan (Colorless)
PPM's Moltres (Fire)

Growlithe's BBS cards

Voltage (Electric)
ArcanineRene (Fire)
Strength in the BBS (Trainer)
Togepi-Lumicity (Psychic)
Mew-Lumicity (Psychic)
PokčDragon (Psychic)
Jolteon11 (Electric)
Psyduck21 (Water)
Meowlithe (Normal/Fire)
PD's B-Day Porygon (Normal)
Psyduck21's B-Day Nidoking (Fighting)
Jessey's B-day Alakazam (Psychic - Stage 2 from Kadabra - BBS Exclusive)

PPM's Set cards

Ryan's Eevee (Colorless)
Zak's Dratini (Colorless)
Zak's Eevee (Colorless)
PPM's Haunter (Psychic - Stage 1 from PPM's Gastly)
PPM's Gengar (Psychic - Stage 2 from PPM's Haunter)
PPM's Mew (Psychic)
PPM's Mewtwo (Psychic)
PPM's Gyarados (Water - Stage 1 from PPM's Magikarp)
PPM's Charizard (Fire - Stage 2 from PPM's Charmeleon)
PPM's Pikachu (Electric)

Other cards

Purity's Kawaii Birthday Dugtrio (Fighting Stage 1 - Evolves from any Diglett)
Darkanine (Dark)
Umbreon (Dark)
Blazon (Fire)
Mindraker (Psychic)
Fenox (Stage 1 from Blazon - Fire)
Venam (Stage 2 from Arbok - Grass)
Trigon (Stage 2 from Porygon2 - Colorless)
Veon (Baby Pokemon to Umbreon - Dark)
Articuno Ball (Trainer)
Char (Baby Pokemon to Charmander - Fire)
Chikorita (Grass)
Weird Al Yankovic (Colorless Pérsonmon)
It's A Stupider Cow! (Colorless - Stage 1 from It's A Stupid Cow)
Departure of the Hitmonchan (Trainer)
Arrival of the Hitmonchan (Trainer)
Brak House (Trainer)
Link (Basic Kokiri)
Pyro of Doom (Half-Life series, Explosion type)
HW Guy of Death (Half-Life series, Armor type)
Lethal Engineer (Half-Life series, Machinery type)
Medic of Life (Half-Life series, Health type)
Apology Mechachu Card (Electric)
Mechachu (Japanese - Electric)
Typhlosia (Fire)
Staryu (Japanese - Water)
Starmie (Japanese - Water, Stage 1 from Staryu)
Mew (Star Cloud Promo - Psychic)
LugiaStorm's Wrath (Trainer - BBS Exclusive)
Misty and Mewtwo_Wargreymon's Relations (Stadium Trainer - BBS Exclusive)