The Gates of Time

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Hello people. Well, things are coming together. The celebrity section of this website has about 6 photo sections, the music section has 6 photo sections, and the Xena and Gabrielle section is finished. Even though a lot of stuff is decent, not all of it is finished, but I do have the guestbook complete!

Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle

Click on Xena and Gabrielle to go to the Xena, Warrior Princess section of this site. It's almost finished, and there are a bunch of pictures in there.

Star Studded, Well-Known Celebrities

Click on either Catherine Zeta Jones, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Elizabeth Hurley, or Paul Walker to go to the celebrity section of this website. The pictures section is finally complete!

Famous Musical Groups and Singers

Click on either BBMak, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Christina Aquilera, Justin Timberlake, or Avril Lavigne to go to the music section of this site. Most of the galleries are complete.

Links to Other Places

Click on Link to go to the hyperlinks page of this website. This page has a bunch of very cool links to other places, ranging from webpages with lots of celebrity and music star pictures to sites with cool games and things to keep a person from getting bored for quite some time.

Keeper of the Gates of Time

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NOTE: This website is a nonprofit organization. Very few of these pictures are actually mine, and I have given credit to most of the sites I have gotten these pictures from inside my links page. If I have failed to give credit to a site, then please notify me through the guestbook, and I will correct this discrepency. If you wish to get a picture from this website for personal use or your own website, then go ahead, but in return you must follow 4 conditions: 1)If your using pictures for your website, don't "copy and paste" html coding, 'cause that's cheating and just plain wrong; 2) if you use a picture for your website, download it onto your own server and put a link back to my website (the link can be either text or this icon **; 3) Sign my guestbook, which is really what everybody should be doing; and 4) do not take the triforce-like symbol that leads to and is found in "The Keeper of the Gates of Time" webpage, the one code-named "templeoflight.gif". Thanx.