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Angela is having a party,
Jason and Freddy are too scared to come...
But you'll have a hell of a time.

Night of the Demons


Cathy Podewell, Mimi(Amelia) Kinkade,
Linnea Quigley, William Gallo,
Allison Barron, Hal Havins,
Jill Terashita, Phillip Tanzin,
Lance Fenton, Alvin Alexis

Written by Joe Augustyn

Directed by Kevin S. Tenney

Back of the Video Blurb

     It's Halloween night. And a group of good-time teens has broken into an abandoned funeral parlor with plans to raise a little hell. And that's exactly what they do. For their intrusion has awakened an ancient, demonic evil whose hunger for human souls knows no bounds. And now, the monsterous predator is out to turn their Halloween party into an unending celebration of sheer terror.
     The visual sorcery of special effects master Steve Johnson (Nightmare on Elm St. 4, Fright Night, Poltergiest 2, Ghostbusters)delivers high-voltage shivers in a terrifying encounter of the supernatural kind. So be prepared for an evening of horror you'll never forget. Get ready for the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS.

And The Story Goes...

     Angela is throwing a party, and instead of messing up her house she decides to throw it in old abandoned funeral parlor Hull House. Like all settings in a horror flick, Hull House has terrible history (which I will not bother typing seeing how it is told in the movie). Anyway shortly after arriving at Hull House the teens accidently release a demonic force, OOPS ! They soon are all possesed, but the leader of the gang by far is the hostess from hell, Angela.
     Angela floats around the house turning all the teens demons, and the rest of the movie full of some cool effects, and of course it closes out with one of those camping 80's rock ballads, sung by what looks to be the directors brother. While it never really got the attention it desevered, Night of the Demons is definetly work a look.
     So why don't you sit back and stay awhile... I mean "Sal was going to leave, but he decided to STICK around."

Did You Know ?

-There are 2 differenet versions of Night of the Demons available on Video (read Below for more detail on the second version).
-If Night of the Demons had been given a full theatrical release it would have had one of the biggest opening grosses for a horror film for the entire decade.
-Linnea Quiqley married the FX guy Steve Johnson, they have since divorced. That might explain that lipstick scene.

The Unrated Version

     Now as with most horror flicks, Night of the Demons does have it's share of bloody violence, and like most film to get released in theaters it has alot of the violence cut out. Here's a list of the main things the unrated version has;
-The party scene is a little longer with more talking.
-There are more shots of Angela floating through the hallway.
-Jay's death is more graphic, it's eye popping good !
-The old man's death at the end of the film is more graphic, it's more "cutting edge".

And Then Came A Sequel

Night of the Demons 2

And Then Came Another Sequel

Night of the Demons 3

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Why I Made This Page

     Night of the Demons is by far one of the best horror flicks of the 80's. It has everything the viewer could possibly want, sex, violence, and some funny black humour. The acting is not the best, but does anybody really watch these movies for the acting ? Like most horror films of the 80's it spawned 2 sequels, one really good, and one...let's just say...not really good.
     I made this page because of all the trendy horror that has come out recently, I still believe in the classics of the 80's. Not to say I didn't like Scream, or Scream 2(let's face it, they were like long MTV music video's with some violence). And I Know What You Did Last Summer, should have been called "I Know What Jennifer Love Hewitts Breasts Did Last Summer."
     Another quick note I would like to add is the fact that I don't put pictures in the background. The reason I do this is to keep the downloading time down. If you wanna see the picture, just click on the link. They are there I swear.

      This page was updated on March 11, 2000. So bare with me as begin to add more, I promise I will eventually (yes including more sounds). If you have facts on comments of Night of the Demons 1, 2, or yes even 3, email me.

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