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Phu huynh:
Cham Ngon Nghia:
Cham Ngon I , Cham Ngon II
Phu Huynh: Loi Trao Mung
Chuyen Mon:
Nut Giay , Morse code , Dau Duong , Cuu Thuong
Ca May Trang: Ca May Trang I , Ca May Trang II
Kinh Thanh:
The Creation , The Arrival , The Saver's Way , 7 Episodes
Ca May Troi: Ca May Troi I , Ca May Troi II
Tong Do Nghia Si:
Cau Nguyen , Ruoc Le , Hy Sinh , Lam Tong Do
Ca Chinh Thuc: Ca Chinh Thuc I , Ca Chinh Thuc II
Sinh Hoat:
Ngoai Troi, Trong Nha Nguyen
Cho Troi Nam: Choi Troi Nam I , Cho Troi Nam II
Nghia Si Galery I:
Trai Dong Tam I, Trai Dong Tam II
Cho Troi Nu: Cho Troi Nu I , Cho Troi Nu II Nghia Si Galery II: Christmas , New Year , In church, DHDH Cali , Nghia Si Vui