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Rainbow Bridge

On June 10,2004 Hook passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She will be dearly missed, but is alas hangin' out again with her brother Gus. This was her little place on the Web.

We're Hangin' With Hook

Hook's Kitty Hangout

Captain Hook

Hello! My name is Captain Hook; most cats just call me Hook. Born in 1984, I am considered the "grandma" of the household. I'm not quite sure why, but my mommy affectionately calls me Ms. Moomie - humans are so strange. As you can tell from my kitty portrait I am a tuxedo kitty and I only have one eye. Don't think that I cannot see though. I can catch a mouse in no time flat.
In my house I am considered the queen. I like to sit at the top of the stairs so that I have a complete view of my domain (which is, of course, the entire house). When I am downstairs I insist on remaining perched on the arm of a couch (one of my thrones) so that I can see what's going on and to let everyone know who's boss (my portrait above was taken whilst in that esteemed position). My favorite thing to do, aside from sleeping and eating, is playing with strings. If the humans in my domain buy an expensive cat toy for me, I ignore it completely - what do they think I am, a dog? Oh please! The way I look at it, dogs have masters; cats have staff! Well, I suppose it's time to climb atop one of my thrones and do a little surveillance. Enjoy my hangout!

Hangin' Kitty
Help! I'm Stuck!

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This link has the whole kitten kaboodle.

Ailurophilian Town Mall
Hook's Fine Catnip

When only the finest will do...


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