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This Is A Page For Adults, Children Must NOT Download This Page As The Magick Here Is Not Suited For Them, As They Are More Open To The Spirit Realms And Their "REAL DANGERS,"

Some Of These Spells May Be Dangerous To The Unskilled In Magick,

Only For The Mature

Minded In Magick


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 The Wise Knows Of The Meaning Of Red And Fafnir
Star In Red, United Sky,
Dragon Together In Liquid,
Onward To The Sun,
Rise Oh, Dragon,
Come Dragon Come,

Dragon Of Red Wand
Oh, Dragon Of Red Wand,
Hear Your Sceptre Ring Crystal Sing
Fairy Maiden, Ancient Abyss Open
On The Way To See The Kings Key Door

Manifest Fire In The World In France
Mantra Ways In The Alpha


Fairy And Dragon
Oh, Dragon Oh,Fairy
Companions In Magick
Good And True
Work Together In True Magick
Do All That Is Good And True
Light The Staff
Oh, Staff Be In The Honey Pot 
Of The Earth, May Your Bolt Be Red
By The Power Of Dragons Red
By True Hot Red Serpent Fire
I Ask That The Honey Be Sweet

Calling Dragon Flame Red
Rise Oh, Dragon Of Flamid Red
By The Hot Waters Of Desire
Bring Soft Love, Without Lusting Fire

Smooching The Dragon
Bonded To The Wand, Bound To The Staff
To Call The Red Dragon, To Dance And Laugh
To Smooch Red Dragon, Big Wet Kiss
Oh, Dragon Bring Thy Lipstick

Asking For Protection Of Power
Dragon Be Red Power,
Dragon Come, Of Power Red
As I Sleep In My Bed
A Soft Touch Of Loving Claw
Guard Me While I Sleep
With Love True And Pure

World Of Red
Oh, Red Dragon See Her World
Show Your Tongue Of Fire
Bring Peace And Love With
Erosian Desire

Dragon Sun
Oh, Dragon Lift Thy Tail
To The Ancient Sun
In A Gesture To Call The Moon
After The Rising Of The Sun

For The Moon Dragon Spell 
Invert The Sun Dragon Spell

Balance Of Pheonix And Dragon
Oh, Pheonix Of Rising Flame
Rise Again, From The Ashes
Guard The Dragon While He Sleeps
The Dragon Will Do The Same For You
Unicorn Weakness
The Unicorn Riseth In Crimson Lust
But, For He Only Is Horn By The Power
Of One, In Lust.. He Is Un-Manifest,
The Power Of Astral Actions Are His
Only Boundry...

On Earth He Did Fall From The Sight Of Man
For Fire Is Not His Dominion, A Dragon Can
Carry Lust With Itself But, Even The Mighty
Dragon May Suffer As A Result.

For Woe Unto Thee Who Uses Lust For Fuel
For His Fire As It Will Blow Up In Your Face

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