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The Sun Dragon (39162 bytes) 
Robin Taylors
Dragon Of Lights Realm
This Site Is A Dragons True Page. In Search Of The Truth
But, In This Page, I Want To Give You Names Of Dragons In Factual
Writings From History. 

The Powers Of The Dragon Are Said To Be Wisdom,Strength,
Lust,Kindness,Love,Fierceness,Softness Magickal Powers,Flight,

To Explore The Magickal Side Of The Dragon A Spell Book Would
Be Of Use. In The Aspect Of Calling Dragons. Pagans,Christians,
Buddhists Etc,Etc Could Do A Spell Making The Text International,
As Dragons ARE Universal Beings. This Book Then Should Then Be
Freely Given To Anybody Who Wants It.

All Information Should Be Free. No One Should Ever Control
What We Read Or Learn. Knowledge Is Power So Empower Yourself...

May The Great Dragon Honour All Seekers Of Dragonic Wisdom
Spell For Calling A Dragon To Appear Before You
Oh Dragon Of Light, I Humbly Ask Thee 
Bring Thy Kingdom Bright Earth,Fire,Water,Air 
Oh Great Dragon Banish Despair And Fear
Oh Great Dragon Tender Heart.. Teach Me Here
Teach Me Dragon, Dragon Of The Light
Bring Kingdom Of Bright Of, Thy Love
Come Oh Dragon Of Light

Advice On Astral Dragons

Astral Dragons Are Called By The Laws Of Intent 
And Light And Love. And Truth They Like Nothing 
More Than Respect And Honour And "Two-Way"

A Word Of Warning "Never Ever Try To Command
Dragons As Slaves/Servants To Do So Will Anger
Them. Respect Them And You Be Respected Also..

Dragons Sometimes Will Influence Your Actions
But Worry Not, They Have Your Best Interests
At Heart, Other Mmm Nice Things Dragons Like
I Will Leave To Your Imagination. As This Is
Not That Kind Of Site

Dragons In The Dream Realms
In This Realm Dragons DO Send Energy Through The
Dreamers, This Also Helps Them Impress You With
Their Energy. This Forms A Bond Of Connection
With The Human If Done Enough Times. The Human
In Most Cases Will Not Fight It Because Of A Very
Deep Understanding, That Dragons Are The Friends
Of Humankind, And That They Love Humans More Than
Any Mortal Words Can Express..

Acts Of Eros With Dragons

Since I Am Not In A Position To Write Such Things, I Will
Tell You In Symbolism, The Unity Of The Blood Of Tiamat
With Dragons In The Way Of Eros Is Valid In This Case
Such A Union May Be Heavy On Red, And The Energy Of,
Eros In This Bonding, But The Magician Must Base This On
Divine Love and Truth. Else This Will Backfire On The
Magician. As The Universe Is One Massive Divine Formula
The Symbol On This Page Is Something, I Got In A Dream, But Without The Sun...
Maybe The Points Represent The Horns Of The Dragon Of Truth And
The Rising Sun The Divinity Within

The Light Of Dragon Kind Has Been Under The Cloak Of
The World Of The Hidden, But Now The Dragon Orbs Must
Rise Into This World, To Bring True Light And Love To All


Dragonism Is NOT A Religion, For Religion WAS "INVENTED" By Humans, Dragonism

IS A Path, But Only To Truth Light And Wisdom... As Dragons DO NOT, And WILL NOT

Be Under The Fist Of Any Oppression Of The Light Of Any

Being. Below Is The Code Of Dragonism

Dragonism's Code

1... To Never, Cause,Harm Or Hurt, Or Engage In The Act Of Murder [That Includes Animals]
2... To Never, Judge Any Being, Regardless Of Colour Creed Or Species
4... To Have, Respect For The Dragons Of The Creator's Light
5... To Help, All In Trouble Be It Of The Spirit,The Body,Or Mind
6... To Do, Your Best To Be As Soft And Loving As The Dragons As Possible.
7... To Listen,To Your Dragon Teacher. At ALL Times On The Subject Of Magick & Spirit

Names Of Dragons

Tiamat --  (Babylonian Dragon) Slain By Marduk The Sun God
Ladon --- (Greek Dragon) Who Guarded The Golden Apples Of The Tree Of Life
Grael ---  (Grail)                   Elemental Dragon Of The North, In Dragon Magick  .
Naelyan - (Nail-Yon)           Elemental Dragon Of The West,  In Dragon Magick . .
Fafnir --- (Nordic Dragon)   Elemental Dragon Of The South, In Dragon Magick  .
Sairys --  (Sair'iss)              Elemental Dragon Of The East,    In Dragon Magick --

Words Meaning Dragon In Different Tongues

Draig        =  Welsh Word For Dragon (Dry-g)
Draco        = Latin Word For Dragon
Draak        = Dutch And African Word For Dragon
Vovin         = Enochian Word For Dragon  (Voh-een)
Vovina       = Enochian Word For Dragons (As Above With -En?)
Duxobum   = Q-Barb... For For Dragon  (New Magickal Language)
Leviathan    = (Hebrew Dragon) Meaning The Crooked Serpent / Dragon

These Words Are For Dragon Fans Who Seek The True Nature Of The Dragon..
Mcirclecol.gif (100928 bytes)

Note: (Correct Image Corrupted [Fill In])
The Above Image Shows A Knight And His Dragon Guide, As You Will Notice
His Sword Has Not Been Drawn, Hence He Does Not Feel Threatened. This Image
Is Rather Older Than 150 Years Old.. PROOF??? That Dragon Kind All Are Not
Evil Most Open Minded People Know That There Are Good Dragon's And Bad One's
As Without Balance This Universe And Other Would Cease To Exist...

Please Note: If Any Of These Images I Have Used Have ANY Copyright
             I Is Important To Note That The Absolute Fact Is That 
             I Am NOT Making Any Profit From ANY Of The Images Used

Grammar Note: I Am Not Shouting, As This Is The Way I Type Information
              As This May Be Thought To Be Shouting In E-Language, In
              My Lingo THIS IS SHOUTING, In Some Contexts But, Not All

 Dragonic Sign.jpg (6152 bytes)

This Symbol May Represent The GRAAL But Not The Biblical Grail

As This May Be The Earth Dragons Name, Correctly Pronounced

May The Great Dragon Of Truth

Be With You Always

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