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Dragon Meditations

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Dragon Meditation

Opening Blessing
Spirit Beings Of Light, We Gather
Here In Light,Love,Truth And Peace.
We Ask That All That Is Done In This
Temple Of Light, Be Done In The 
Highest Purity
So Mote It Be, Amen, Bl-Bee , So Be It
NB: Once You Choose A Colour You May Change
    It At Any Point During The Meditation

Dragon Meditation
Relax And Visualize Yourself, 
In A Woodland Clearing,
In Front Of You, You See Pathways
Of Many Colours, Choose A Pathway
And Follow To Until You Come To A Clearing
You Can Meet Here The Dragon Of The Colour
You Have Choosen, Spend A Little Time Here
Talking With It, About, Good Things Sing, 
If You Wish...
When He Or She Leaves, Turn Round

(Pause) 5 /10  --- [ Optional Pauses ]
You Come To A Woddy Clearing
You Hear Soft Music Of The Creatures Around You
You See Doors Made Of Feathers You Blow And 
They Gentley Open, Before You Is A Table
On This Table There Are Objects, From All
Paths, Pick Your Item, You Wish To Use
Then Meditate Here, For A While

(Pause) 5 /10  --- [ Optional Pauses ]

The 4 Elemental Dragons, Appear, 
Along With Your Other Protecters,
You Feel Safe, Warmly Loved..
The Dragons Softly Gather Round, And
Start To Stroke You With Their Soft 
Wings, Humming As They Do So
You May Ask Them For Healing, If You Wish At This Time

(Pause) 5 /10  --- [ Optional Pauses ]

Gently They Lift You, To You Feet, 
And One Of The Pink Dragons Gives 
You, An Tool Of Light, 
Thank It, With Love Then Go Back
To The Woodland Clearing Where 
We Started, Our Little Journey
Now Follow On From Group Leader: Join Up

NB: Please Left Justify