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Experimental Spiritual Code

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Please Note:

I Have Done My Best To Remove ALL Dogmatic Bits Out
Of This Text This Is Not Only For Dragon Magick But
For All, Make Changes To This Text As Long As It Harm
None, You Have My Blessing, But If It Causes Harm
I Will Condemn Actions, This Code Is An Experimental 
Text. So Please Understand Any Errors Of Spelling
Mistakes, And One Last Thing "VIVA LA TRUTH" 
Code Of Conduct
1..Honour The True Gods,
2..Worship The Gods, With Love,
3..Love The Gods, As They Love You,
4..Love Yourself And Your Brothers And Sisters, 
5..Love And Ye Shall Be Honoured By The Gods,
6..The Goddess Is The Great Mother, And God Is The Great Father,
7..Know That You Are The Children Of The Gods,
8..Know That Your Way Is Right For You, But May Not Be For Others,  
9..Let The Powers Of Your Magick, Flow From You Only In Love,
10.Let The Rites Of Your Path Be Given To Those Who Come After You,
11.Revere The Earth, Tend Her And Heal Her. For You Are Her Children,
12.Offerings Can Be Made To The Gods, To Ensure Prosperity,
13.Be Proud Of Your Pathway, But, Without Vanity,
14.Observe & Listen, Reserving Judgement. Until The End,
15.Endeavour To Live In Joy And Love, Remember Like Attracts Like, 
16.Your Teachers Serve The Gods,They'll Put Knowledge Into Your Mind,
17.You Shall Only Use Your Powers For Good, Never In An Evil Way,
18.You Have A Duty To Tend To The Seed You Have Planted,
19.Those Who Misuse Their Powers WILL Answers To The Laws Of Karma,
20.The Temples Of The Gods On Earth, Belong To All,
21.Do Nowt Against Your Circle,Your Circle Is Sacred, 
22.You Must Not Tell Lies, Hold No Evil Thoughts Towards Anyone,
23.Know That What You Say Becomes Manifest,
24.You Must Not Obstruct, Anyone In Their Path, To Do So Is Evil,
25.Do Not Judge Others For Their Way Of Living,
26.In An Oath, Do What You Say, Woe To Thee Who Breaks Their Word,
27.Do Honour And Respect Unto All Life,
28.Do Not Use Your Magick To Cause Harm,
29.Do Not Misuse Your Powers, For It Is A Sacred Gift,
30.Never Kill With Magick, It Is Evil
31.Never Betray Anyone, Or The Lore Of Your Path,
32.Live By Love,Honour And Wisdom,
33.Let Truth, Loyalty Honour Be Your Way,
34.Temper Yourself With Love And Wisdom,
35.You Must Not Profess With Your Lips That What's Not In Your Heart,
36.Never Use The Names Of The Gods For Evil, For You Will Pay For It,
37.Only The Laws Of Your Path May Be Used In Disputes, By The Leader,
38.Do Nothing To Endanger Anyone Or The Paths Or Ways Of Others,
39.Never Haggle Over Price For Magickal Tools, For Only Fools Do So,
40.Never Accept Money For The Use Of The Power, For It Will Bind You,
41.Never Use The Power For An Unworthy Cause,
42.Never Steal From Any Being, In The End It's Not Worth The Misery,
43.Show Honour And Respect To All Peoples,
44.You Shall Not Own Slaves, [ Slavery IS EVIL!!! Do It NOT ],
45.If A Stranger Travels With You,Do No Harm Them,Treat Them As Equal,
46.Keep Your Place Of Worship/Alter - Clean,
47.All Magickal Objects Must Be Purified In Your Sacred Place,
48.Look After Your Body As Best As You Can,
49.Let No Person Die Without,Honour,Love And Respect,
50.You Shall Not Couple Together, If Done In Malice Or To Cause Pain,
51.You Shall Not Marry For Material Gain,
52.You Shall Not Marry A Person You Do Not Love,
53.If You Bare Seed, Let Them Identify And Know You,
54.Your Children ARE Free Spirits, You Do Not Own Or Control Them,
55.You Teach Your Children,But Your Children May Also Teach You,
56.Never Use Heritage Or Position For Self-Glorification Or Gain,
57.Keep Your Body And Mind Strong, And Your Purpose Clear & Pure
58.Purify Yourself Before Spiritual Travel Eg:Salt In Bath & Chants
59.Your Temple Or Another Sacred Place Shall Be Your Sanctuary
60.Learn To Build Your Temple, And Craft Your Sacred Circle & Tools, 
61.Keep A Book Of Shades/Shadows/Records, To Monitor Your Progress
62.Only Rites,Spells And Divine Instruction To Be Kept In Your Book,
63.Study The Gods/desses Of Your Path To Guide Your Thoughts To Them,
64.If You Own Land Guard It, And Keep It Clean, Guard The Monies,
65.Pay Just Pay For Any Beings Labours, Free Workers Are Honoured,
66.Burn Or Bury Offerings, Check Other Cultures For Other Ways,
67.Do Not Break The True Laws ( Laws Of GOD Not Of man),
68.Do Not Burn Books, Don't Destroy Knowledge,
69.Dare To Keep Secrets, From The Profane,
70.Do Not Defile The Ways Of Anyone's Pathway,
71.Always Listen To The God/Esses,
72.Decide Your Way Of Magick, For Each Knows The Dangers Round Them,
73.Do Not Divide Your Energy, Attend Only One Circle,
74.Attending 2-3 Circles May Be Of Use, To Some Pathways,
75.Healing Will Be Given To ALL Who Are Sick In Mind,Body Or Spirit,
76.Do Not Seek Revenge, For Vengeance Rots Away Your Powers,
77.Doing Wrong Without Knowing, Is Not As Bad As Knowing It's Wrong,
78.Never Turn Away Seekers Of Light, Aid Them As Best You Can,
79.Turn Away No Seeker,If Their Heart Be True & Their Desire Honest,
80.Choose Your Leaders With Care. Love,Knowledge,Ability,Patience,
81.Do Not Become Too Fond Of Power, Or You WILL Fall,
82.Any Leader Who Causes Harm Will Be Relieved Of Duty,
83.Those Of Rank, Must Not Neglect Their Mate Or Children,