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Dragon Calls

Robin Taylor's Dragon Calls

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Hi! I am Robin Taylor, Here To Bring You Possibly, The Key To The Calling Of The Dragons Of Light, And Truth, And Love

I Have Written This To Help All You Dragon Path Workers, As Not Much Info Exists D.J Conway's Great Book Dancing With Dragons Is The Only Book I Have, But It Is A Credit To All Dragon Children Everywhere, In The Universe!

Dracomancy The Divination By Dragons, Is Good If Used According To The Laws Of Love And Light, Few People Know Of The Joy That Comes From Dragonkind. But More Are Finding Out For Themselves, Dragons Are Soft Hearted, They Love Humankind More That Words Can Say.


Calling Dragons
OATH - Dragonic

Hear This Oath And Hear Well
To Do Only Good In Dragon Spell
In Magick Great And True
This Be My Oath Unto You
Invocation 1
Oh, Hear Me.. 
Oh Great Dragon Light
Lighten My Soul, 
Come With Thy Nourishing Light
I Call Ye From 
The Kingdom Of Creators Light
Come Oh, Great Dragon Show Me The Way
And Shine In Our Hearts May Our Love Stay
Invocation 2
Come Oh, Dragon Bring Me Cheer
I Call Ye Of Light, Please Come Near
Banish, My Mortal Tears
Oh Ancient Soul, Great Dragons
Fill My Heart, Lift My Soul
With Soft Tender Loving With
Death We Never Shall Part
As I Look To The Skies,Beyond Death
Our Great Love Shall Unify
I Call Ye Purified
Invocation 3
Oh, Dragon Of Light
Hear Me In My Darkest Hour
Let Me Be Your Flower
Please Water Me, Dragon Light
I Call Thy Power, 
Lift My Soul And Let Me Grow
I Call Ye So
Invocation 4
Oh, Great Dragon, Oh Sweetness Of Light
Come Oh, Dragon Kingdom Bright
Oh, Come Thou From Kingdom Of Light
That I May Know Your Naked Hunger Without
Lust, This I Know I Can Trust
That Our Love Shall Be True, 
Oh Dragon My Love.
I Sweetly Call You.
Invocation 5
Oh, Dragon Of Greatest Truth And Light
Hear My Call Burning So Bright
I Wait For You In The Dragon Way
Come, My Friend On This Night
That Our Hearts Together Be True Light
I Call Ye, As Few Know,
Let The Rivers Of Our Love Onward Flow
Invocation 6
Oh Dragon Of Truth
Unto The Highest Temple
May The Light Of Your Truth
Bless You True,Come 
Oh Dragon Love,
I Call Unto You
Invocation 7
Oh Come, Oh Red Dragon Of Flamis Flame
I Call You, I The Name Of Dragon Arts
May Our Love Be True, 
Secret Like A Dog Without A Bark
Oh, Red Dragon Rise, 
Teach Me Oh,
Your Hungry Lessons In The Dark
Invocation 8

Oh, Hear Me Dragon Of Silken Love
Come To My Presence, Oh Sweet Love
Oh, To Feel Your Soft Caress
Come My Love
Invocation 9

Oh, Hear Me, 
Oh Golden Dragon Of Loving Light
I Call Thee From, Thy Ancient Slumber
I Call Thee To Rise, Do Not Slumber
I Call Thee With Love And Honour
I Call Thee Oh, Golden One
Come To My Call
That Love May 
Rise And 
Never Fall
Removed Text That Was Below As I'm Not A Thelemite