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A Book Of Shades Cover For Your Book

bplate.gif (29999 bytes)dragoness.gif(126025 bytes)

You Can Use This As A Title Page For Your Magical Book, Use This
With My Blessing As I Know Some, Of You Like Me Are Not Good At
Drawing. This Is Why I've Included This For You To Enjoy On My Site
The Picture Next To The Bookplate Is A Dragoness Who Is A Magician
Raising Power To Touch The Human Realms More Closer..

More Pictures Will Be Added As I Draw Them. As I Love Dragon Magick
A Wish To Express My Impressions In My Art. There's A Layer Left Out
But Those Who Are In The Know, Will Understand And Add It Themselves
dress.gif(126025 bytes)

I Got The Above Dragoness From A Old Picture, But I'm
Not Sure If She's A Dragon. My Drawing Of Her
Is A Modernisation Of That Picture, The Sun On
Her Tail Was Not Quite Right For This Era, But
Neverless Note Worthy