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Irish Dance Shoe Buyers Guide and Videos.
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AAIDT Friendship Feis is an open and unbiased Irish dance competition platform. To visit the official AAIDT Friendship Feis web site, go to or visit the link above.

The American Association of Irish Dancers & Teachers (AAIDT) supports a community of mutual support betwwen dancers and teachers.

AAIDT is proud to offer the following resources for dancers and teachers.

Buyers Guide Buyers Guide

Our Shoe Buyers Guide was the first on the web and remains the most extensive. Written by experts in the trade, it has been consulted by more than a Million dancers world-wide!

Safety Articles Safety

Teachers and dancers share articles and information that all dancers need to stay safe and healthy. Have something to contribute? Submit your own article!

Videos & DVD's Training

Instructional materials for students and teachers. Includes Friendship Feis official media and the new Brennan School of Irish Dance Video Series. As seen in Irish Dancing Magazine!