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Teresa's HuGStory

I got pregnant after 4 months of trying, and was so excited, like any parent to be. I found out the beginning of Nov 95, and the day before Thanksgiving, I starting getting sick, non stop. I went to my family doctor who was great, and I had IV fluids 3 or 4 bags every 2 or 3 days. I was on every kind of medicine, and nothing helped for more than one or two days. I tried everything, the sea sick bands, pasta, rice, peanuts diets, drinking spoonful of water every 5 minutes, nothing worked. I would always go to the clinic for IV's, but then they sent me to the ER, for a while, and then they put me in the pregnancy ward, everytime I had IV, which was nice, I had a ok bed, and bigger room, TV, and I got to know the nurses, really good.

I have very hard veins to find on a normal day, so they could never find my veins, so I would have to go home with hap - locks, and my husband would have to help with my hair and bathing, and dressing, and everything. Then they tried to put a pic line in, but couldn't get it in, so they decided a center line, they wouldn't put me out for it, because I wasn't 20 weeks along, yet, I cried, cried, it's very strange being in a surg room, with the doctors, and them working on your chest. In December, they put me on short term disability at work, which my work was not to happy about. My mom, being the supportive person she was, would call all the time and say are you still throwing up, I never had that, your sister never had that. It was like thanks, for your support. She has always been like that, but I wish just this one time she wouldn't have been. We told her we were pregnant, first things out of her mouth was how are you going to afford that, gee thanks mom.. I cried and cried, thank god, everyone else around us was and is supportive.

My doctor decide I should see a OB/GYN, 30 miles away, to see what they thought, everytime I would see them, they would hospitalize me. One time I went to the my Doctor and they put me in a regular Hospital room, because the hospital and clinic attached, I had a really good nurse, they did a ultrasound, to make sure things were right, and then she asked if anyone has checked blood count or sugar and no one ever did, well, we left to go home, and I got a phone call around 8 that night, that said I had to come in right away, they had to monitor me, not the baby, well, I went to stand, I couldn't, my legs were lead. We made it to the hospital, and they hooked, me up to things, and I stayed over the weekend, and Monday, I went to my OB/GYN and they Hospitalize me for over a week. They put me on TPN, they had to monitor it for a week and then I was sent home and was on TPN through IV, 6 pm to 9 in the morning. I had to check my blood sugar 3 times a day, and had a home health nurse come, and check on me. I was on that for 2 or 3 months.

In March, I got a letter from my employee telling me I was fired because my disability was up and I couldn't return to work, they denied me unemployment, so I took them to court, with all of my doctors letters and hospital information, and I got unemployment, we still had to pay most right back, because I had insurance with them also, so that double..

In April of 96, I wasn't throwing up anymore, and I was feeling a little better, and a little more human. I got up, my husband was home thank god, I was cleaning my center line, like every other time, I did it, and I went to eat pop tarts, that was all I could eat, and just like that I couldn't breathe, we went to the ER, and they took me by ambance to the OB/GYN hospital, and they ran tests and everything, thinking I had a clot or something.. I remember I was in a big round machine, and I told the lady I wasn't feeling well, and she said almost done, just a little bite more, and my husband said I was turning blue, and just like that, I threw up all over the inside of this machine. It's funny to think of it now. So it turned out I had air in my line, and I was in the ICU for a few days, and they took out the center line, because I was better, and, let me tell you, tell, them to just knock you out if you ever have to have a center line removed, it was so painful, because everything grew around it.

I loss a total of 30 lbs during all of that. In July, we had a perfect, health girl, a week after her due date. She is now 4 and health, and wonderful. It was wonderful, 7 hours of labor, and one of the nurses, had off that day and called to see how everything was and they told her I was there, so she came in on her day off, she said she couldn't miss this birth. My doctor cried, and hugged me, we were all justed filled with tears, there was room full of doctors and nurses, they all wanted to be a part of it.

So in November of 99, we found out I was pregnant again, and the due date was the same, and guess what I got sick the same day, I was so depress, I was compare everything to my last pregnancy with the same due dates, and everything, it scary. I was hospitalize a lot, and they put a pic line in this time, I was in the hospital over the holidays, in December, and over 30 miles from my daughter and family. The depression got so bad they termed the pregnancy. I had lost a total of over 30 lbs in less than a month. I could read, drive, I was always light headed, and cry, more than I thought I ever could.

My mom being the supportive one again, said I should get my tubes tied, I had appointed but it was so finally, I could do it. We have always wanted to have 3 kids or so. I told my mom the week of Thanksgiving, we thought we would tell everyone early, because we would need help with our daughter this time, my mom said thanks for ruining my holidays, gee, thanks mom!!

I had a really hard time with the termination on this one, I went to see a counselor and she was great, we looked into adoption, but we can't afford that. I went to talk to my doctor and he put me on anti depressants for 3 weeks, and he said that I shouldn't get pregnant again, but he didn't have enough back ground in OB/GYN to really say. He hugged and cried with me..

He sent us to see one, and they were very positive, and wonderful. She said she would put me on anti depressant right away, and they wouldn't have any side affects on the baby or me. She said you have HG, you always will but it will be different all the time. It's not unhealthy for me or the baby, as long as we would get the right medical treatments. So we are trying again, and very scary, actually I don't know if scary is the word for it. We are going to go right to the OB/GYN right away. I believe she was more positive for me because I had a good delivery, and healthy baby, and I wasn't sick the whole 9 months. So how we are just worried about my mom, everyone else knows, and is very supportive and wonderful.. It's time like these when you find out who really loves you and cares.. I would love to hear from anyone..

Teresa Kestin

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