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Rhonda's HuGStory

I have HG, but fortunately, not as severe as the stories that I have read. So, I consider my self fortunate that I only take the Phenergan suppositories. But, like other HG survivors I've read about, I too have had multiple visits to the hospital (I believe 6 visits at 2 to 3 days per visit, so far). I became pregnant in September, 2000 and my NVP began the first week in October and I was unable to work the entire month. I also suffered from the "Have you trieds.....", but sneezing, coughing or bending down would trigger the vomiting. Since I have sinus infections that drain into my stomach, this really aggravates the HG.

My first hospital visit was horrible. I sat in the ER for almost 8 hours, without treatment, and I vomited up my bile and informed the nurses that I was pregnant and vomiting up my bile. A few hours later (around midnite), I was seen and re-hydrated without any antimetic treatment. They let me go and my first meal (3 bites of dry wheat toast) I vomitted up. The doctor stated that this was normal. A week later I went back to my doctor and I was dropping ketones in my urine and he directly admitted me to the Labor and Delivery Unit. This was paradise compared to the ER. This was when the doctor's first prescribed Phenergan to be placed into my IV. I objected until they assured me that the baby would be safe. At this time I also began the Phenergan suppository treatment. The only time that I would be re-admitted to the hospital (5 times after this initial visit) is when they tried to wean me from the Phenergan.

I am currently 25 weeks, and I've been able to decrease the amount of Phenergan I take from 100 mg's a day to 25 mg's. But, I do have "wax and wane" moments, where I vomit bile in the morning or my cereal and banana breakfast. So, even though I take the Phenergan, I still have occasional break through vomitting. I currently have about 8 Phenergan suppositories left, and I hope I can come off of them completely, but we'll see. My baby girl is very healthy and she kicks me daily. She often kicks more often when my HG becomes severe....My doctor also thinks that my HG should be subsiding, so he has sent me to a gastro doctor (who I haven't seen yet). My husband is frustrated with my condition, but is very sympathetic. He has supported us financially, when I'm unable to work and my HG rears its ugly head. It was really good to know that there are others who are suffering from HG. It is very real.

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