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Michelle's HugStory

I had to tell my story when I found this site. I hope it helps all who are afflicted with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.....

I found out I was pregnant on January 21, 1998 and I was so happy. My husband and I started trying to get pregnant a year after we had been married and after only three months of trying it happened! This would be our first child and we couldn't wait for the pregnancy to progress and begin making plans for our little arrival. I started feeling nauseaus around five weeks and that quickly progressed to vomiting by the time I reached 6 weeks. I knew morning sickness was a normal symptom of pregnancy so I snacked on crackers, gingerale and tried all the other morning sickness remedies suggested. I went to my first OB appintment and told the nurse how sick I was and she recommended a bland wet to dry diet. They informed me to let them know immediatley if I was unable to keep food or liquids down. After a few days of trying the bland diet with no relief I called the OB and they prescribed suppositories to relieve the morning sickness. These didn't help me at all.

By week seven I was miserable. I couldn't function at work without getting sick whenever I put anything in my stomach. I finally decided to let my OB know that my morning sickness was getting severe and they told me to come in to the office. I remember driving to the OB's office that day holding a bag in my lap to vomit in becuase driving made me sick. When I got to the doctor I was weighed and I had lost 5 pounds. My urine sample showed protein and it was at this point that my OB told me to go straight from her office to the hospital. She was admitting me. I called my husband at work and he was so relieved that I going in the hospital. He knew my sickness was more severe than normal. While in the hospital they put me on a clear liguid diet the first day and then a wet to dry diet. I stayed in the hospital for four days and then sent me home on bedrest with IV therapy and a home nurse came daily to check my IV, weigh me, and check my urine. I was given the drug Reglan in my IV for a month and this really seemed to help.

In early March I decided to go off of the IV and try to see how I felt. This lasted for three days before I was severely sick again. I would go entire days just eating a few crackers and some seltzer water. My poor husband couldn't cook or eat in the apartment because I couldn't tolerate the smell. He would constantly offer different foods for me to try and I would try to eat them but end up vomiting. I would go from day into night constantly sick, my only relief being sleep. As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning I would start on this cruel cycle all over again. I didn't know how long I could last like this and I dreaded going on the IV again because whenever there was a problem with the IV I would have to be stuck again. My arms were scarred from having IV's in so many places and it was so painful to have the IV put in. The OB had wanted a the drug Reglan administered to me in a portable pump. With this I could have a midline IV connected to a little pump that looked like a beeper but slighlty bigger and it was portable so I could do some normal activities and store the pump in my purse. The meds would be delivered into my body constantly and midline IV usually lasted for two weeks or more. My insurance coverage didn't approve it the first time I was hospitalized because it can be expensive.

I went on like this for two weeks before I had to be re-admitted to the hospital. By this time I was nearly 12 weeks and had lost 30 lbs.! I couldn't imagine being sick any longer and I was so afraid I would lose the baby. While in the hopital they did a battery of tests and it turned out I had hyperthyroidism and finally my insurance company approved the Reglan pump. I was put on a dosage of a drug called PTU four times a day and I was also hooked up to the pump. For the first time in 12 weeks I was not sick and could actually eat something! The amazing thing through this whole ordeal was that the baby was fine. The baby continued to thrive and grow and looked healthy and active on all of the utlrasounds. I was taken off of the Reglan pump after two weeks and continued on the PTU meds until I delivered. After my struggle with HG I also developed Gestational Diabetes around my 28th week of pregnancy, but my sickness never returned and I delivered a healthy 8 lb. 3 oz. baby boy on September 16, 1998.

I had to write my story because I know how it feels to not see an end in sight to HG. In my case I'm sure my HG was aggravated because of thyroid dysfunction but it was relieved by my doctors being so vigilant to get the HG under control. I hope my story helps women. If anyone wants to e-mail me with questions I can be reached at

Michelle Houston (proud mother of Cheo Houston who turns one in a week!)

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