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Mary R.'s HuGStory

I got engaged on Sweetest Day of 1999. My fiancee and I wanted to have children right away, but my past experience with hyperemesis frightened me. Because I was so ill with the last pregnancy, I made the heartbreaking decision to terminate the pregnancy. I had a home nurse, was hooked up to an IV pump 24-7, and still ended up in the hospital every week. I had no support and going through it alone was just too much for me.

After discussing it, I decided to have a baby. The doctors assured me that the chances of it happening again were very slim. They were wrong. At five weeks, the same symptoms that made me so miserable before were attacking me again. I had to go the hospital due to dehydration and I was officially diagnosed with hyperemesis for the second time.

My fiancee had a hard time dealing with me being sick. He didn't understand the pain I was going through both emotionally, and physically. He didn't understand why little things could upset me or why even touching me could make me moody. Nothing I said could make him understand what this illness was doing to me. We fought constantly and finally, I made the decision to move out. Four months pregnant, I moved into my own apartment, ready to go through it by myself. I felt very alone, but somehow I made it through. My doctor prescribed Zofran, which made me capable of of working and going to school, but I was still very sick and often needed a trip to the emergency room.

The hyperemesis lasted my whole pregnancy, up to the day I delivered. On July 11, 2000, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Knowing all that I went through made it feel like a true miracle. She is know almost six months old and I am trying to work things out with her father. I still try to explain what it is that I went through and how damaging this illness can be, but since it is so rare, it's hard to get people to understand it. I wanted to share my story so that anyone who is trying to support a woman going through this can maybe realize how hard it is. Please don't judge her through this experience, it does get better. It may take nine months, but it will eventually go away.

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