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Liahona's HuGStory

My name is Liahona. I am almost 24 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I was blessed with a healthy girl on 1 Aug 2000 after suffering 9 months with severe hyperemesis.

I remember it clearly. Five days after my husband and I found out I was pregnant (which we were ecstatic about) I began to feel a little nauseous and after having a slice of toast had to run immediately to the laundry sink to bring it straight up. For somebody whose never been very sick, I knew there was something wrong. After talking to family members they told me this was "normal morning sickness" so I didn't bother them again. In the next 3 weeks I was confined to the bed and couldn't keep even a sip of water down. Any movement and I would throw up....up to 20 times per day. I couldn't believe that this was what women went through.

One day mid Dec 99 in Australia's hot Summer I rang my Gynecologist and told the receptionist I was real sick and would be coming in for an appointment. I said that I felt like I was going to die! My husband was at work so I walked in my PJ's several miles to the doctor. I was so delirious I don't know how I got there, but I did. He took one look at me and was on the phone to the hospital saying I was on my way.

After many tests I was admitted to hospital. One of many stays to come and short stays in emergency on the IV. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis and spent Christmas 99 in hospital. I hated being in the maternity ward.

The only medications any hospital or doctor would administer to me were Maxalon, Lactactol and Avomine. They could have been lollies for all I'd have known because they didn't help much! I stayed on medication the entire pregnancy as as soon as I would stop and think I could just cope with nausea, I would vomit and be proven wrong.

I became very angry and frustrated with the lack of compassion and insensitivity from both family and the medical profession. I heard it all... it's in your head, do you really WANT to be pregnant, fighting to stop the hospital administering an abortion. It will be gone at 12 weeks, will be gone when the baby begins to move... yeah right. Even people that said "yeah I was sick with my 3 babies, I threw up a total of 12 times", oh please I bet that in 1/2 a day. I even had a female GP that was pregnant say it was in my mind and that she didn't have time to be sick. I could've knocked her out.

It was hard both emotionally and physically. There were times when I wanted to kill myself, cut the baby out of my stomach. I was even administering Maxalon injections to myself at home. It is amazing what us women can do. I felt like a prisoner in my own home. You could've counted my visits in 8 months on one hand. I just yearned for someone to understand. My husband's family lived 2 minutes away and my own family lived over 2 hours away. I became very bitter towards my lack of emotional support and other women that went through pregnancy with no problems.

The only way I got through the whole trauma was the comfort of the Saviour and the help of my husband, Grant, my angel. He put up with all the crying, abuse, cleaning of vomit and often myself as I would wet myself due to the violent throwing up, sustaining our home, and working. He couldn't sit on the bed let alone sleep with me. He still had to work, but I demanded every spare second of his time and he never ONCE complained. he would wake up early and leave food on my bedside table. Once the food was gone, I didn't eat. (not that it stayed down anyway). He would shower me, (which wasn't often) not use any deoderant, not cook in our house for months. My other best friend was my bucket.

My husband and I are receiving counselling as the problems have not stopped. I have continuiing bouts of nausea and ocassional vomitting. Has anyone had after effects that weren't just emotional? I have had several procedures and I have digestive problems, gastritis (inflamation of the stomach and lining) and a hernia in my esophagus from all the throwing up. I feel like I am going crazy after a total of 17 months of sickness.

My daughter is almost 9 months old and is so intelligent and beautiful. I cherish her as I have a friend who is now 5 months pregnant after losing 4 babies because of hyperemesis. I comend every woman who goes through a pregnancy with hyperemesis. The normal person will never know!

Although I would love more children my husband refuses to let me go through that again and wants to get a vasectomy. I cry just thinking about being pregnant again. What really hurts is when family and others say I should have another baby and that I will be fine the next time and that I can't have an only child. I don't appreciate their "advice" at all. It's also amazing how much offers of help you get for people to look after the baby. I wonder where these people were beforehand????

To anyone going through such a pregnancy, I pray that you remain strong and have the support you need. And I promise it will be worth it all and that nobody will appreciate and love your baby like you will.

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