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Gillian's HuGStory

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and a second time sufferer of HG. I lost 11 lbs the first time (not bad compared to some who lost 30!) and this time I lost 10. Everyone told me every pregnancy is different so I really tried to think positively that I might not get it this time, but alas at 5 weeks I couldn't keep anything down and generally did not feel well. Other lovely things I have suffered with but aren't sure they are associated with the HG is dizziness, heart palpatations, weakness, pit-like yucky feeling in my stomach every day now for 71/2 months. My best days are where I keep busy- as I am no longer vomiting, I can go out to do errands etc. My best plan is that I plan 1 thing each day. It makes the day go by faster and they don;t pass in such a haze. Last week was bad because it snowed here in Michigan for 3 days and I didn't really need to go out soooo, they were LOOOONNNGGG days!

I can sympathize with the fear of going places where you can't get to a bathroom quick enough though. You should see the groceries that my husband would buy- twinkies, chips, canned everything and not a single fresh fruit or veggie- I would specifically have to request anything I wanted and my advice to everyone is to try anything or everything. A few things that did help or seemed to help for a while were sucking on salty potato chips, protein at night (cheese)- and its hard to remember to snack on protein- a piece of cheese is so much better than a cookie- yet a cookie seems easier to grab than a slice of ham or cheese. Tiny sips of any fluid, sucking on peppermints and chewing gum can help. Yogurt is good too, yet it seemed like I got really tired of it and still have to make myself eat one.

The one thing that did help me and my doctor prescribed all the anti-nausea medications like Phenergen, etc, was taking a Unisom at night with a B6 vitamin in the am. I would feel very very tired even when waking but it did take the edge off the nausea. When I got tired of the way the medication was making me feel, I stopped and boom the nausea returned! I then would take 1/2 a Unisom or would skip a day just to have a change, either nausea or totally feeling like a truck ran over me! At least I felt a little in CONTROL! I sympathize with the woman who felt guilty about her 4 year old living on snacks and TV because my 3 1/2 year old did the same. Thank God she plays by herself well. She hasn't suffered from it but I did try to have healthy easy foods for her- yogurt, carrot sticks, string cheese, juices she could get for herself (I know they're more expensive but she could get them bring them to me and I could stick the straw in the box rather than get up just to make a cup of juice).

As my pregnancy nears its end I am really thankful that I made it. I went through feelings of not wanting the baby and even being angry at it and my body for doing this to me! I am still sooo tired of people asking "Have you tried crackers first thing in the morning?" -- I just smile and think they don't have a clue! I think the hardest thing is facing women who felt great. I guess I am severley jealous???? or maybe bitter???? I urge people to not say to us sickies- Oh its just a state of mind- if you think you are going to be sick- you are, well I tried to have the most positive attitude and just isn't good enough. I am still soooo ready for this to be over, I have been anxious and even worrying my husband this will go away won't it???? I felt better after our daughter was born, right???? Hang in there and anyone wanting more inspiriation can email me at Take Care, Gillian

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