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Debra's HuGStory

In Nov. 1998 I was about 6 weeks pregnant when my husband took me to the hospital because I couldn't stop vomiting. They admitted me for 3 days but no one had given me a diagnosis or told me why I was vomiting like this. I heard a lot of people say it was all in my head, that I wasn't really sick, or that I liked the attention. Finally, the woman in the next bed told me about hyperemesis and that this was her second time having it. When I was released from the hospital I was taking Phenegren for a while and then my doctor switched me to Zofran which was the most helpful. I lost 40lbs. and was 5 months pregnant before I started gaining weight.

I spent all my time in bed because moving around made me dizzy and gave me headaches. Luckily it was winter here and I didn't want to go out. My doctor let me eat whatever I could keep down. I craved Taco Bell, Subway, and Arby's which were the only things I could really keep down. I sucked on lemon drop candies because they seemed to help with all the saliva I had.

Finally, in the end of February I really started to feel better which meant I was vomiting only once every other day or so but I still couldn't stop taking the medicine. My husband was a huge help through all of this! He only worked a few minutes away from where we lived so he could come home at lunch and make my meals, he did the grocery shopping, laundry, and all the house cleaning. On June 16th, two weeks early, I delivered our daughter who was perfectly healthy and weighed in at 7lbs. 9ozs. My worst fears were over! Now I'm thinking of getting pregnant again but I'm very scared of being sick again. Does anyone know if you have this with every pregnancy if you've had it with the first one? Please e-mail me if you can answer this question or if you just want to talk with someone who has been where you're at: If you're just now going through this my prayers are with you. It will get better and your reward will be a beautiful new baby. Good Luck!

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