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Claire's HuGStory

Hi! It was really good to read all your stories and to know there are people out there who understood how I felt and what I was going through. I got married in September 1998 and we wanted to try for a baby straight away. I found out I was pregnant on December 15th and was over the moon!! We were so happy and exchanged things like naming books on xmas day. Boxing Day, I woke with a feeling like flu and being sick. I was actually quite excited at having 'morning sickness' !!!! I wish!!! It then began to hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was being sick about every 20 minutes, whether I'd eaten or not. It felt like there was something at the bottom of my stomach that I had to get up and was just urging and urging. My Mum had had HG and took me straight to the doctor was found I was dehydrated and sent me straight into hospital on Jan 2nd. They had trouble putting the IV up and talked about abortion while wheeling me into the scanning room to see my 7 week old babys heartbeat pumping away. At that moment I thought "If you (the baby) can fight this so can I, we'll stick together!" They had to put me in the maternity ward as there were no beds and I watched all these mothers and heavily pregnant women, until they pulled the curtain around me and left me there for a week!

My Mum said she would look after me if I came to stay with her so my husband and I moved home to my Mum, who was brillient and understood! She held my head, made me eat and drink althrough I would bring it straight back up again she said I would keep some of it down, and I gradually got through the days. My midwife sent me a letter telling me to come in for an appointment, and when my Mum rang her to explain, she said "Is she STILL being sick?" needless to say she was useless!! Anyway, I gradually got better, and by about 18 weeks I was just being sick in the mornings. Work and the rest of the family didn't understand, giving all sorts of advice like *Try moving about" "maybe if you got some fresh air" and "have you tried lucazade" And also all the "I had morning sickness but had to get on with it" Really helpful!

My Mum got me through my pregnancy and after being sick all through labour, my beautiful 8lb 6oz boy was born! He is brilliant and I love every moment I spend with him! I was really lucky and didn't have any trouble after he was born. The hardest thing I found about Hyperemesis was the isolation and feeling all alone, my husband came home one day and said his friends wife had suffered with Hyperemesis and I found myself desperate to talk to her! Going through this website I keep thinking "Yeah, I know how you feel " We're now thinking about trying for another baby and I would really like to know how people cope with Hyperemesis and another child! Good luck to everyone out there with Hyperemesis and thanks to all the people who have written their stories down, It really helps me to read them.


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