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Becky's HuGStory

My story begins back in 1996, this is when I experienced the first of two pregnancies, both suffering from hyperemesis. During my first pregnancy I was hospitalized 3 times, each time for about 1 week and several runs to the emergency room for IV fluids. At five weeks I knew something was wrong because I was feeling like I had the flu, this is when I found out I was pregnant. By week seven I was unable to move around without vomiting. (so my life was totally put on hold, no work, no school, nothing) I was sick all day long, all night long, I would even wake up during the night to vomit. The only time I felt good was when I was asleep.

Thank goodness I had a very supportive husband and doctor. My doctor tried several medications, none of which helped. Vitamin B, Phenergan (oral and suppository), Zantac, Thorazine. I had lost a total of 18 pounds by week 18. Unfortunately we lost our son at 21 weeks, due to other problems unrelated to the hyperemesis.

Thirteen months later, I felt physically and mentally ready to try again. This time I spoke with my doctor, husband and family (which are out of town) ahead of time expressing my concerns about getting sick during our next pregnancy and asked for their help in the event we need it. We were pregnant soon after trying to conceive and at five weeks again I started feeling the same signs of sickness, nausea, loss of appetite, tired, etc. By the third month I had spent 2 weeks in the hospital getting IV fluid, trying to get my strength back. By the fifth month I had lost 23 pounds, but things started to get better. I had decided this pregnancy only to take phenergan (suppository at first then oral and in my IV while hospitalized). It seemed to work best for me if I took it every 4 hours. I had started eating again, not much, but what a joy to keep food down (even if it was only a few graham crackers and ginger ale). During the last 2 months of my pregnancy I was able to gradually decrease the intake of phenergan. By the time I delivered I was only taking one tablet in the morning, or as needed.

My greatest joy was delivering our healthy 8 lb. 4 oz. son in May 1998. Time has allowed me to forget some of the details of these horrible pregnancies. I feel like they were an illness, not the glowing pregnancy I had hoped for. But the payoff was all worth it! We are considering trying again in a few months and all of the fears have resurfaced. Since I am a stay at home mom I feel the need to plan ahead again, except this time I will need care for our 2 year old.

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