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The Bible Answer Guy

The Bible Answer Guy Answers Your Questions About The Bible

My name is John Parkus and I am a born again, fundamentalist, Pentecostal, tongue speakin', corner preachin', Spirit filled Christian.

God spoken to my heart and told me to start a website and answer people's questions about His Word the Bible. Well, I thought to myself, I don't know too much about the Bible, just what I heard being preached and what I read.

Well, God says to me, "Don't worry!" You just open your big mouth Johnny and I will fill it."

Well, I'm thinking, another problem is if the shelter is filled before I get there in the evening, I have to sleep in this cardboard box in the alley. Another problem is that when I decided to do this, I didn't have a computer.

Well some crack addict sold me a P4 Dell laptop computer for $12.00, still new and in the box. He said he didn't steal it so I have to believe him. Anyways, I plug it into somebodys electric socket in the alley where my cardboard box is, keep using free AOL and I'm in business.

So God provided all the stuff to get this website started and here I are.

Plus, I go to a storefront church where a couple of the people, Caleb and Elsie Hamer, are going to see if I can sleep in the back room there. Praise Jebus.

Send your question now while the electric is still on and I'll get right on it and give you a Holy Spirit inspired answer right here on this website!

Don't ask no silly questions cause me and God don't have a lot of time for no silly stuff!

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