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Life on Mars

*The following comes from Dr. Kent Hovind at Creation Science Evangelism*

Life does not exist on Mars. The purpose of the Mars rock hype a few years ago was to help NASA get its grant money through Congress. They must find something important with all the billions they spend. The rock had been found 7 years earlier near the South Pole. It arrived 13,000 years ago, according to NASA. In 13,000 years it could easily have become contaminated with Earth life. Or, in passing through the 200 mile thick Earth atmosphere, the rock could have become contaminated.

Also, the rockís supposed Mars origin is suspect. Suppose we reduce Earth to the size of a 4 inch tomato and Mars to the size of a 2 inch tomato; using this scale, the tomatoes would be 2,000 feet apart, over one-third of a mile at the closest point of their orbits. Suppose that you had to shoot the Mars tomato so that one piece of it landed on the Earth tomato, without leaving a dent in the Mars tomato. Highly unlikely, donít you think? Mars has no giant crater that would indicate it had been hit with enough force to knock a fragment all the way to earth. The whole purpose of the highly publicized Mars find was to push a NASA funding grant through Congress. It worked.