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The Geologic Column

The Geologic Column was invented by Charles Lyle in 1830. It gives names to layers of the earth's strata based on the fossils that they contain(Ex. Cenozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, Paleozoic Era). Basically, it is based upon the idea that the earths layers can be dated according to what fossils they contain. At the same time, the fossils are dated according to what rock layer they are in. This is called Circular Reasoning and it as you can see it's not very logical.

When digging through the various layers of earth, dinosaur bones are often found. Some of these dinosaur bones still contain blood. This means that the rock layer in which they were found could not possibly be millions of years old. If the rock layer was millions of years old, the blood would have dissolved.

It is interesting to note that graptolites are the index fossils for 410 million year old rock. So if a rock has graptolites fossils in it, it is dated at 410 million years old. In 1993, it was discovered that graptolites are still living in the Pacific Ocean. This would mean that graptolites could be found in several rock layers and to say that a rock with graptolites is 410 million years old is highly inaccurate.

Many trees have been found INSIDE of these rocks. The trees go through several layers. If these layers are millions of years old, these trees have rotted. The trees are not rotted, therefore the rock layers are not millions of years old.

Geologists cracked upon a piece a shale that was found in Idaho and discovered something amazing. Inside there were some magnolia leaves. These leaves were still green...