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The Complete International
English Setter Rescue Page


United Kingdom

The English Setter Rescue Association: The Rescue has been running for around twenty five years and was started by our co-ordinator Mrs. Gladys Jenkins. Our aims and policies are still the same today as they were then: To help English Setters in need.


United States

English Setter Association of America: The Official AKC national breed club for the English Setter. The English Setter Association of America, Inc. is a not for profit organization dedicated to the advancement of English Setters since 1933.

ESAA Rescue: Visit the ESAA rescue page directly! The English Setter Association of America Rescue Committee is a group of dedicated people who seek to find new homes for displaced English Setters and to educate people about the breed.

Lone Star English Setter Club: A Texas based AKC English Setter club.

LSESC Rescue: Goto to the LSESC rescue page directly. The Lone Star English Setter Club is committed to helping homeless English Setters in the Texas area.

A C E S - Another Chance for English Setters: volunteers rescuing homeless and displaced English Setters in the Mid Atlantic states and placing them in new, loving "forever" homes.

Florida All-Setter Rescue Program: The Florida All-Setter Rescue Program is an organization which protects and promotes the Setter breeds (Gordon, Irish, Irish Red and White, and English). Our mission is to help save Setter lives throughout the State of Florida.

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue: rescuing English Setters in need of new homes. While in our care the dogs will be vetted, spayed or neutered, and evaluated in foster homes, where they can learn love and stability and we can determine which type of home would work best for each dog.

All Setter Rescue: gives hope to English Setters and other less fortunate setters that find their way into rescue.

National Hunting Dog Rescue: To provide necessary shelter, medical care, and adoption services for all pure-bred hunting breeds of dogs. These include but are not limited to: Pointers, Hounds, Weimaraners, Setters, Retrievers, and Spaniels.