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Earth Angels

Awakening of the Messengers

The Earth Angel Legacy

We are many. We are everywhere.

Few of us are fully aware of the true nature of our beings.

Others are only now awakening to thier angelic memories.

Still others walk the earth unaware thier own identities. Ignorant of thier purpose for being here.

"Long ago, we came to this place with a mission. We volunteered our services as messengers of the light. Our goal, to create nature. to "transmute" light into matter. This was the next frontier in the creation of the universe. We would leave the blissful paradise of the light in order to manifest a new dimension. The material world.
We knew the risks involved in delving into matter. The confusion and loss of memory. Possibly, loss of self. This was a necessary sacrifice in order to exist in the material dimension. The vastness of our angelic presence could simply not completely manifest in a physical body. Our prsence in the material world would represent only a tiny fragment of our whole light-beings. Our new bodies would be guided from our higher selves but we would only be aware ourselves as the perception of our egos.
Once the crude material universe was formed, it would then be time to transmute the crude matter into "perfect matter" or "light matter". We could only do this from within the material dimension. The process would take millenia. With the evolution of the human anatomy and psyche, the vessle of light was born. Through these bodies we could begin to channel the light directly into the material dimension.
As the human psyche evolved we became more and more aware of our mission in this place. We began to remember.

Over the last several hundred years, through innumerous incarnations, we have begun to awaken to our true beings. To our power and to our purpose. We are the Angels of the light. The "Fallen Ones" who voluntarily descended to this world not out of shame or by punishment, but for duty and serive to the light. The light of which we are all a part. We are each individual fascets of the oneness of the universe. The light, Goddess/God, Love or what ever name suits you".

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