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Dragon Ball Fighters

Chapter 1

He sat on the ede of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. He wore his usual training outfit, a black jumpsuit, with brown shoes. A heavy white cloak surrounded his body. This young warrior was one of the strongest people in the universe. He had been through so much in his life, more than any chil should have to go though. This 17 year old fighter was Gohan, son of the great Goku. He thought back to how only a year ago he had helped in destroying Majin Boo, helping to save the Earth once again. Gohan looked out into the water, and focused his power into one spot. Suddenly the entire ocean, as far as could be seen was lifted up and held together! Gohan meditated, and slowly set it back down with his thoughts. Suddenly the silence was broken.

"Gohan, Gohan!"

He whirled around, trying to find the source of this disturbance. He finally saw his little brother Goten runing up the cliff torwards him. Goten spoke again.

"Gohan, somethings happening in the Dark Forest. Trunks and I were there earlier exploring, when a small green man jumped out and attacked us. He was just as strong as me, and we had trouble defeating him. Then we felt a huge power, bigger than dad's, running away. Trunks said it felt almost as high as 500,000,000!"

Gohan's eyes widened. 500,000,000? That couldn't be possible. The only time he had felt anthing like that was when his father reached his peak level. Gohan shook his head.

"Goten, I don't see how that's possible. But let's go check it out. What do you say, want to show me where this was?"

Goten quickly agreed.

"I think we should get Trunks too. He might help us some Gohan."

Gohan nodded, and the two warriors set off torwards Trunk's home. A few seconds later they landed in front of Vegeta and Bulma's front door. Gohan walked to it.

"Now Goten, let me do the talking. Vegeta's probally too grouchy to talk to you."

Gohan knocked on the door. There was a yelling from inside, and Vegeta finally came to the door. He looked at Gohan, and the Goten. They were all silent for a few seonds. goten broke the silence.

"Mr. Vegeta, can Trunks come with us to spar. Please?"

"What? Again kid. I'm getting tired of you two spending forever with each other. I don't think so, now scram! My favorite show's on."

Vegeta slammed the door on a bewildered Gohan and Goten. Gohan looked to Goten, and shook his head.

"Great Goten. Well I guess we may as well go on our own. I really thought Trunks would be useful though."

Goten nodded, and the two turned around and flew off torwards the Dark Forest. Vegeta glanced out the window and saw the two flying away.

"Hmmph. Those two are nothing but trouble. I don't see why Trunks bothers with them. I think I'll go see what he's doing right now."

Vegeta got up and left for Trunks' room.

Chapter 2

Raditz sat down in the middle of the clearing. He nibbled on a chicken bone, and then threw it away. He looked at the trees surrounding him, and then thought about earlier. About how thirteen years earlier he was killed by his little brother, but given a second chance in Hell. He trained with all four of the King Kai's, each one being stronger than the other. Finally he was able to get back to this dimension where he met up with his new master. He trained with him for three years, and was sent to Earth. His mission, eliminate Kakkarot and the other Z Warriors. They were the second strongest force in the universe, next to his masters. Now he must carry out his mission. Raditz smiled to himself as he realized how much stronger than these fighters he was. He sat up and walked over to his pod. He pressed a few buttons and then turned back and looked at the trees. Suddenly he sensed something, a small ki from the left. It was getting lager as it approached. Raditz immediatly recognized it as the stronger power from this morning. Trunks suddenly flew into the clearing and stood before Raditz. He spoke.

"You, your the one I sensed earlier. I know who you are, you are Goku's bother, Raditz. Why are you here? What do you want?"

Raditz smiled and began to speak.

"Why? Of course you know why. To destroy you and everyone who associates with Kakkarot. And you can't stop me. You probally have allready sensed my power level, and you know you can't even touch me. Now, I would destroy you alone, but I need to save my energy for the return trip home, so I'll let my little friends do the work for me."

Raditz smiled again, and suddenly two Saibamen jumped out of the ground. Trunks stood his ground and powered up. Raditz sat down and the two Saibamen attacked. Trunks matched the first one punch for punch, and then gave him a quick Ki blast to the chest. The Saibaman flew backwards, and shot back at Trunks. The second one attacked at the same time and cought Trunks off gaurd. The two fired rapid Ki last at Trunks, wounding him. Trunks managed to fight them off and get some ground. He charged up a ball of energy and tossed it into the air. It split into two and chased at the Saibamen. They both dodged it and charged at Trunks. Suddenly the two Ki balls turned arond and hit the Saibamen in the back! The balls expanded and covered the two green men. Suddenly both Saibamen exploded and were vaporized.

"Raditz, is that all you have? Come on, I could take them with my eyes shut. I want to face you right now!"

Raditz grinned a tiny smirk, and then started laughing.

"Oh, you fool. You know how strong I am, why do you insist in fighting me? Do you wish to die so soon? Well okay then, let's rumble!"

Raditz began to power up and then turned his back on Trunks. He spoke.

"Come on little warrior, here's a free shot. I won't even move. Give me your best!"

Trunks began to power up a Ki blast in his cupped hands. He held it out and then stopped.

"No Raditz, I want to beat you fair and square. This is cheating."

Raditz shook his head.


Raditz vanished, and then reappeared behind Trunks! He hit him hard in the back with a quick elbow. Trunks screamed in pain as he was flung across the feild. Raditz reappeared before Trunks and gave him an uppercut into the air. Trunks flew helplessly into the air. Raditz shot a Ki blast at Trunks. Trunks looked down in fear, and realized this would be his end. The blast got closer and closer to Trunks. Suddenly two smaller blasts came from the side and deflected Raditz's beam! Goten and Gohan jumped into the clearing. Raditz looked at them in amazement, and Trunks finally regained control of his body. He spoke.

"Goten! Gohan! You made it. Watch out, this guy is really strong."

Raditz's jaw dropped.

"Gohan? That means your the one who caused me to loose those many years ago. You will PAY!"

Raditz charged Gohan head on. Gohan braced himself for the attack while Goten ran over to Trunks. Raditz smiled as he charged head on at the defenseless Gohan.

Chapter 3

Gohan charged up a quick Masenkou and fired it at the rampaging Raditz. Raditz was cought off gaurd and blinded.The three Earth fighters attacked at Raditz at once, send Ki attacks and quick fist to his body. Raditz countered all three at once, and blew each away with a strong blast of air. Raditz sat down, satisfied with his quick work of the Earth warriors. A few hundred yards away, the three warriors sat up. Gohan was the first to speak.

"We need help. This guy is really strong. But let's try to power up to Super Saiyan and see if we can make a dent."

The three warriors all charged up to Super Saiyan. There hair turned gold and stood up tall. Raditz looked up and saw what was happening.

"What is this? Three of the legendary Super Saiyans, here on Earth? No matter, I am still much stronger."

The three fighters charged Raditz head on and formed Ki blasts. Raditz stood up and got in a defensive stance. Gohan suddenly vanished and the reappeared behind Raditz. He shot rapid Ki blasts at Raditz while Goten and Trunks formed two huge balls of Ki. Raditz easily dodged Gohan's blasts and countered with a knee to the gut. Trunks and Gohan combined their Ki attack to form a collosal ball of energy. Raditz noticed it out of the corner of his eye. The ball shot at Raditz at top speed. Raditz grabbed Gohan by the hair and threw him in front of him. Trunks and Goten gasped in horror as they saw their ball of destruction hit their friend head on. It enveloped Gohan and exploded. Gohan's mangled body shot up into the air. Raditz laughed and then spoke some more.

"Now you see the pointlessness of a direct attack on me. I am indestructable, especially against weak Saiyans like you."

Suddenly a voice rang out.

"But how about gainst me?"

Vegeta jumped out of the woods in Super Saiyan form! He attacked Raditz head on. Raditz easily blocked the moves, but Vegeta got a few hits in. Goten and Trunks joined in, and Raditz began to flinch.

"What? How can this be, you are close to equal with me. But that's only because I'm using 50% of my power. I quess now I should power up to 100%!"

Goten gasped as Raditz began to power up.

"He's at 400,000,000, no 450,000,000, no 500,000,000!"

Raditz laughed and ran down Vegeta, crushing him in a barage of blows. Vegeta tried to counter, but was pinned down by Raditz's power. Suddenly the sky lit up in a shower of gold. Gohan shot down, in Super Saiyan level 2! Raditz jumped at Gohan and the two began fighting. Goten and Trunks helped Vegeta up. Vegeta began to talk.

"Trunks, I went to check on you, and you were gone. I followed your Ki, and here I am. I can't beleive Raditz is this strong. But I have a plan."

Trunks and Goten nodded. Meanwhile in the sky Raditz had Gohan on the run. Raditz shot Renzaku Dan blast at Gohan. Gohan barely dodged them, and then tried to suprise Raditz from behind. Raditz grabbed Gohan and threw himat the ground. Gohan, realizing he was beat, caled for help. In response, vegeta shot up at Raditz, in Super Saiyan level 2 mode! Gohan and Vegeta began to double team Raditz, but to no avail. Raditz still had the upper hand. Vegeta shrugged it off, and then went into level 3! Raditz was suprised.

"Vegeta, you are very strong now. You have reched the highest level of a Super Saiyan! But you still can't match my power."

Gohan backed down as the two warriors traded blows. It was apparent Raditz was still much stronger, but Vegeta was able to fight back still. Suddenly Gohan looked down to the ground and saw a flash of light. When it dissapeared, Gotenks stood on the ground, in Super Saiyan level 3! He charged at Raditz and the two traded blows. Raditz couldn't believe his eyes. The two Saiyans who just earlier couldn't even touch him were now giving him a run for his money! Gohan watched the two warriors engaged in combat and began to form an extremely strong Masenkou blast. Vegeta saw what Gohan was trying, and began to form a Galic-Ho beam in his hands. He spoke.

"Gohan, it's gonna be hard to hit Raditz. I need you to use your beam to send him into mine. Can you do that?"

Gohan nodded. Meanwhile Raditz was beginning to finish of Gotenks. He threw Gotenks high into the air and shot a Ki ball at him. It connected into his back, and sent Gotenks flying into the sky. Raditz laughed and turned to the other warriors. Suudenly Gohan shot his Masenkou at Raditz. It went incredibally fast, too fast for Raditz to dodge. It connected into his stomach and shot him across the feild. Vegeta took advantage of Raditz's weak moment and fired his Galic-Ho at him. The huge beam was slow, but incrediabally powerful, almost three times stronger than Gohan's blast. It slowly pushed at the oncoming Raditz. At the very last second, Raditz pushed off of Gohan's beam and dodged the Galic-Ho. Vegeta's jaw dropped as Raditz gasped for air and then began to laugh. Was it possible Raditz couldn't be beaten?

Chapter Four

Raditz looked at the astonished Gohan and Vegeta, then spoke.

"Can't you tell by now? You are just too weak to beat me. That was close, but not enough. I destroyed our son Vegeta, and your brother Gohan. That Gotenks they became was strong, but not enough! Now I will dispose of you both."

Vegeta screamed in anger.

"I can still fell the Ki of Gotenks, my son isn't dead yet."

Vegeta suddenly began to laugh. Raditz looked at this Super Saiyan level 3. This was the highest level of Super Saiyan, and it still couldn't beat him. So why was Vegeta laughing?

"Vegeta, why are you laughing? I am so much more powerful, you stand no chance."

Vegeta shook his head.

"Wrong. You see, I just realized you are at your maximum power. Even through all your training you couldn't learn to become Super Saiyan. Well I reached all 3 stages."

Raditz interupted.

"That's right, and at the best you still are weaker."

Vegeta smirked, and then continued.

"But I have one more power up. You see, me and Kakkarot discovered there is a level beyond the Sper Saiyan, an ultimate level. You see, for me it's Super Vegeta 4."

Raditz gasped. Could Vegeta truly have another power up? If so how strong was it? Suddenly Vegeta went into level 4. Hishair returned to his normal color, and red hair sprouted on his chest. Raditz couldn't believe it, he felt Vegeta's power. It was at 500,000,000! They were now equals! Vegeta smiled as he saw the fear in Raditz's face. Raditz charged at Vegeta instantly, and the two began to fight. Vegeta blocked all of Raditz's attacks, and then formed a Ki blast which Raditz dodged. Raditz shot a quick energy blast into Vegeta's back, and then hit him to the ground with a quick elbow. Vegeta recovered and countered with some small Ki blasts into Raditz's temple. Raditz was stunned, and Vegeta used the moment to mow Raditz down with some wift kicks. Raditz fell to the Earth in pain. Meanwhile Gohan had flew to the sky and pulled Gotenks off of Raditz's Ki balll. Gotenks looked down and saw what was happening between Vegeta and Raditz.

"All right Vegeta's matching him blow for blow! We can take Raditz now!"

Gohan nodded and the two warriors flew to the battle. Raditz had managed to land a few blows, but Vegeta's experiance was paying off as he was taking the upper hand. The other two started to join in, but Vegeta stopped them.

"This is my battle, you two stay out!"

Gohan was shocked, but complied with Vegeta's request. Suddenly Raditz snuck up from behind and landed a cheap shot on Vegeta, knocking him off gaurd. Raditz took advantage and pummeled Vegeta endlessly, sending him to the ground in endless pain. Raditz began to form a Ki blast in his hands. Vegeta shot up at Raditz, but was hit head on by his blast. Raditz shot up under Vegeta and punched him in the back over and over. Vegeta managed to get away and counter with a flying kick to the base of Raditz's spine. Raditz hollered in pain, and flew high in the sky, away from Vegeta. Vegeta called out.

"What's the matter? Do you realize you can't win? I may be equal to you in strength, but my fighting experiance is much better."

Raditz grunted, and then raised his hands to the sky.

"Vegeta, let's see if you can take this. I've been working on this trick for a good while now."

Sparks began to form at the tip of Raditz's fingers. A silver aura surrounded him as the electricity increased. Suddenly an incredibally fast bolt of electricity hit Raditz head on. Raditz screamed in pain, but then stopped. He vanished instantly, and then reappeared behind Vegeta.

"Thunder Blast!"

Raditz's hand turned to electricity and it shot through Vegeta! Vegeta was covered with electricity, and was completey helpless. Raditz returned to normal and kicked Vegeta off of his arm. Vegeta fell to the ground, nearly dead. He tried to move but the pain was overwhelming. Raditz snickered, and then turned to Gohan and Gotenks. They froze in fear as they saw Raditz fly at them. He shot at them at such speeds that they couldn't even block. Raditz grabbed Gohan and threw him into the ground, and then shot a fireball into Gotenks face. The two warriors fell to the ground, and landed with a huge explosion. Raditz, satisfied with his victory, turned and headed for his pod. When he reached it he grabbed a radio device.

"Freeza, come in. Freeza, are you there?"

A voice answered belonging to the long dead warrior Freeza. He had been ressurected by his new master, along with Raditz and two other fighters. He, like Raditz was much stronger now than before.

"Yes. What is your report?"

"It appears that every fighter here is weaker than me, so we should have no problem with any form of resistance.I think..."

Suddenly Vegeta jumped out from the nearby trees! He cought Raditz completely off gaurd and grabbed him from behind. Raditz struggled to break free, but was stuck. Freeza called out over the microphone.

"Raditz, what's happening? Raditz? I knew it, he's worthless. We better check it out ourselves."

Vegeta tightened his hold. Raditz screamed in pain.

"How, Vegeta, you're near death and yet stronger than me still? I knew my Thunder Blast used too much of my energy. No matter, you can't do much damage to me like this, when I break out I will crush you!"

Vegeta smrked, and then strengthened his grasp. Raditz tried to move, but was frozen.

"You see Raditz, I may not be able to do anything to you like this, but they can!"

In the sky Gohan and Gotenks were floating. Raditz gasped as he realized they were forming a very powerful energy ball. They held their hands in the air and a small ball was formed. Raditz sensed that it was extremelly powerful, even for it's small size. It kept getting bigger and more powerful. Raditz fought resiliantly, trying to break free. He realized this one ball would obliterate an entire acre, destroying him and Vegeta.

"Vegeta, if you hold me inplace, you die too."

Vegeta laughed and shook his head.

"Wrong Raditz, you see unlike you, I know a special skill to teleport me awayfrom here in a split second if necessary. I can let go and be thousands of miles away by the tie you get hit."

Raditz continued to fight, trying to break away. Gohan and Gotenks finally finished their ball and held it high above their heads. It was enourmous, with a power level that was much higher than Raditz's. They reached back to throw it, when suddeny Gotenks unfused! Due to the power decrease, Gohan accidentally dropped the ball. It fell, hundreds of feet away from Raditz. Vegeta realized this and flew at it head on, with Raditz in his arms. Trunks realizedwhat was happening, and called out.

"No! You can't escape the ball now dad! Jus let it hit, and we'll find another way to get him."

Vegeta ignored his son and flew right under the ball. It crushed him and Raditz under t's enormous weight. It pushed them both to the ground, and then exploded! Gohan, Goten,and Trunks all quickly teleportec away from the blast. When they stopped, they turned and saw a huge explosion, and then it vanished. Trunks' had a grim look on his face, as he realized Vegeta could not have survivd the blast.

Chapter Five

High above Earth a giant spaceship was stationed. It was made of strange metals not common to Earth. Inside, four of the strongest fighters in the universe presided. In the main docking bay was one, Freeza. He was busy trying to signal Raditz on Earth, but was getting nothing. He realized something had gone wrong. He pressed the all call button to signal his two associates to join him in the docking bay. A few seconds later, they arrived. The two warriors, Cell and Buu entered through the main door. Freza explained the situation.

"It appears that Raditz has failed to defeat the Earth warriors. Vegeta managed to reach his power level, which means Kakkarot is stronger than Raditz was. I believe we should go down to Earth and take care of the fighters ourselves. We are much stronger than Raditz, so it should be no problem."

Cell and Buu agreed, and the three turned to board their space pods. Suddenly a voice broke the silence. The voice of these warriors master. The voice of the strongest beng in the universe. The voice of Tourlus. After he was destoyed by Kakkarot, he trained with the other three Kai's in the next world. He finally was wished back to life by some Nameks, because they thought he would be a good sparring partner. He easily disposed of them and planted his Tree of Might on Namek. He ate hundreds of fruit, making him stronger and stronger. He then wished back Freeza, Buu, and Cell making them his henchmen. Now he was ready to get his revenge.

"No, don't destroy them. They are too weak to bother with. Go down their and tell them they have one year to train, and when the time is up we will wage war upon them."

The three looked up at Tourlus, shocked at what he was saying. Noone dared to talk back, they just nodded and boarded the pods. They took off and headed straight for Earth.

Meanwhile, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks had managed to gather all of Earth's fighters, including Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Chouzu, and Krillin. Goku was still missing, off training himself. Gohan told the fighters of the situation.

"It seems that there are some more fighters out there, very strong ones. Vegeta had to sacrifice his life to destroy Raditz, and it appears he was the weakest one. We know that one of these warriors is Freeza, he has been ressurected. I think the other two are Cell and Buu, their Ki is familiar. And then their is one more Ki, it's unfamiliar, but it's huge, and I don't think it's even powered up."

Suddenly three pods landed right next to the fighters. Gohan and the others all powered up. Freea, Cell and Buu all emerged from the dust of the crash and walked over to the fighters. Fear consumed each of Earth's elite, they couldn't win this battle, even if they had Goku and Vegeta with them. Freeza began to speak.

"Isn't this a little reunion. All of Earth's fighters, lined up to be destroyed. Except for Goku, were is he? No matter. We have come to deliver a message. You have one year to train, and then we will return."

Trunks spoke up.

"Why are you giving us time? We want to fight now!"

Cell shook his head and began to laugh.

"It's not our call. If I could I would destroy you on the spot, but our master wants a good fight, so he will give you a chance."

Suddenly Krillin, Tien, Chouzu and Yamcha powered up. Freeza snickered as the two jumped at the warriors. Gohan called for them to stop, but it was too late. Freeza raised his index finger, and the three were vaporized instantly! Gohan cried out in anger, but then calmed down when Freeza turned to him.

"One year, and when the time is up that will be you."

The thee evil warriors left for their pods, and then flew away. Goten let out his beath which he realized he had held the whole time. Gohan shook his head in disgust. Suddenly Piccolo sensed a power coing at them.

"Oh no, their coming back!"

A little light flew at them. It got larger and larger. They suddenly realized it wasn't them, it was Goku! Goku landed before the fighters.

"You guys, what happened?"

Gohan explained the whole story of how Raditz arrived, Vegeta's sacrifice, the death of their friends, and the one year to train. Goku shook his head in disbelief, and then spoke.

"Their's only one thing we can do you guys. We need to train, and train we will! If what you say is true, our powers are just a fraction of these evil warriors. I have a plan. I need to talk to Dr. Breifs, but if I can I think I can get him to build us a training station. We'll need it. I just hope we can get Vegeta back somehow, his power is vital to our winning."

The warriors nodded, and flew off with Goku torwards the city.

Chapter 6

Vegeta oppened his eyes. He felt his face, and then his arms. He felt normal, but something was different. He reached up and touched his head. He had a halo on. He was dead! Vegeta whirled around and saw a giant of a man. Vegeta took a step back, but then stood tall. He spoke.

"Who are you? Am I dead again? Why have I not passed on to the afterlife yet?"

The giant spoke, his voice nearly shaking the room.

"I am King Yemma, ruler of this limbo. You are dead, but you are not ready for the afterlife. The Earth is in grave danger, and you may be it's only hope for survival."

Vegeta looked right at King Yemma. What was this giant saying? Was he saying Kakkarot's power would not be enough to fight the other warriors coming to Earth? Was he saying, that Vegeta was the one Earth needed?!!

"Listen here, I don't have time to talk. I need training, fast! I barely defeated the weakest of thos warriors, and Kakkarot can't do it either. I don't know how long we have until they arrive, but I must train!"

Yemma looked sternly at Vegeta.

"One year. That is the time you have to get to where you must train, and then back."

Suddenly four people appeared behind Vegeta. It was Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Chouzu! Yemma continued.

"All five of you must train with the greatest trainers in this dimension. They are the other three King Kai's. The one Goku trained with those many years ago was by far the weakest, he was the Kai of West. You must each find the other three and train."

Yemma laughed and then turned around.

"Oh, and by the way, anyone coming back with a power level less than 700,000,000 will not be allowed to leave."

Chouzu gasped.

"700,000,000! That's almost 350 times stronger than me! I can't do that."

Vegeta snickered.

"That's because you're a little clown weakling. I can accomplish that easy."

Yemma interupted.

"You all can, with the training you will recive. Now go, be on your way!"

The warriors all quickly flew out of the room. They flew for a few minutes until they saw three seperate roads. On each had the head of a snake, and a little plaque. Each read

"Kai of the East, South, or North."

Vegeta looked around, and then powered up to Super Saiyan.

"Listen punks, I'll go North, you stay away from me. I'll save Earth alone!"

Vegeta shot off at an incredible speed. Within a mintue he had gone thousands of miles. Krillin and Yamcha looked at each other. Yamcha spoke up.

"All right, we have to get strong. Earth is counting on us! Me an Krillin will go East, you two go South!"

Tien and Chouzu nodded, and took off down their road. Krillin and Yamcha shot down their path. They vanished into the endless sky, while Yemma watched from his room.

"I don't think any of them will even reach the Kai's in a year. Each Kai is over 500,000,000,000 miles away! I calculate the weakest there in 17 months, and Vegeta in 6. He, is now our only hope."

Chapter 7

"Now focus harder Gohan."

The raspy voice of the Namek Piccolo reached Gohan's awaiting ears. He was struggling to do something with his energy, but nothing visible was happening. Gohan's fists clenched harder and harder. His eyes were filled with an incredible determination, unlike any he had ever had. Suddenly the Namek spoke.

"Now, release the blast!"

Gohan smiled and unclenched his fists. He held his hands in fron of him in defense, and suddenly the sky was illuminated. A strange pinkish glow filled the Earth, and it began to bubble. The pink fissed, and then exploded with massive lightning strikes! The ground around the two melted away and they jumped into the sky. There was a flash of pink, and then everything settled. Gohan uncovered his head and surveyed the damage from his attack. For as far as the eye could see, the ground was flat and smooth. There was nothing, nothing at all. Gohan laughed, and spoke.

"And this was a mountain range a few seconds ago."

Piccolo nodded, and then thought to hiself.

"That was incredible! The training with Kaishin has really increased his power."

Piccolo then hung his head.

"He's much stronger than me, so much stronger. He is a Saiyan, and I am a Namek. I will never be able to match his strength. I was once the trainer, but I feel I can teach no more."

Gohan chuckled and then powered up to Super Saiyan.

"Piccolo, want to fight?"

Piccolo grinned, and then powered up. The two fighters lunged at each other, fighting full force. Piccolo shot a few quick punches, but Gohan easily dodged them. His Saiyan power was shown quickly as Gohan landed a swift kick to Piccolo's ribs without Piccolo even noticing. Piccolo fell to the ground in agony.

"Poor Piccolo. I feel so sorry for him, he was once the strongest of us all. Now he is just lagging behind the rest of us."

Gohan shook his head, and that instant gave Piccolo a chance to fire his Masenkosapo. It shot at Gohan with incredible speed and strength, hitting him head on! Gohan fell back in agony, but quickly recovered. He turned to Piccolo and held his hands in front of him, charging up his Masenkou attack. Piccolo covered his face with his arms, and then Gohan let the blast loose at the Demon King. Piccolo took it head on and tried his best to stay together. His arms were on fire and he could barely breathe. Somehow he managed to survive the blast, and he fell to the Earth, wounded in both his physical self and his pride. Gohan suddenly realized what he had done.

"Piccolo, no! Oh man, are you okay? I went too hard, I'm sorry Piccolo!"

Piccolo sat up and forced hisself to stand. He looked at Gohan, and then the sky. Suddenly he exploded with energy and took off flying. Gohan watched in amazement as Piccolo flew away. He didn't know what to do, and decided to let him be. Suddenly Gohan felt two more powers to the right, and a very weak one. It was in Satan city. Maybe someone needed help? Only one way to find out...

Meanwhile, in Satan City Goku was busy looking around. Dr. Briefs, Bulma's father and the world's most intelligent man, was in the city somewhere, but Goku couldn't find his Ki. Goku walked down the streets trying to blend in, but with his strange Saiyan appearance that sort of thing was very hard to do.

"I know he's here somewhere, Mrs. Briefs said he was getting parts for a new Capsule Car, but his Ki isn't anywhere around here. Where is he?"

Suddenly Goku felt a surge of power from the north side of town. It was pretty strong, not enough to cause concern, but definately enough to do some damage to a normal human. Goku touched his forehead and teleported to the power. He took a look around and saw he was inside of a factory. There were spare parts of all kinds here, enough to build a small city with! Suddenly Goku heard voices.

"All right old man, where's the money? Let me know now or you'll get it big time."

"I, I don't know, I swear! Just because this is my shop doesn't mean I messed with your money."

Goku recognized the last voice as being that of Dr. Briefs'. He snuck up around a machine and watched what was going on. Two men, both very large, had Dr. Briefs pinned up against the wall. One had a machine of some sort. Goku recognized the machine as the thing that gave off the power he felt. The man held the machine in Breif's face.

"Tell us, or we'll blow up your entire factory Dr. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

Goku stood up to walk over, but suddenly another person jumped in through the window! Goku looked closely, it was The Great Saiyaman. The Great Saiyaman looked at the two men and spoke.

"Beating up on old men? Come on, you know that's plain pathetic! Why don't you give me a try?"

The two men laughed and charged at The Saiyaman. The one with the machine held it up and fired it at him. The Saiyaman dodged the blast, which took out the entire back portion of the factory. The Saiyaman jumped into the air and landed on top of a table.

"Come on, keep up if you can!"

The second man grabbed a steel pipe and swung it at him. The Saiyaman grabbed it and threw the man back into a pile of junk. The first man took a look at what was happening and took off running. Goku stepped out from the shadows and looked at Dr. Brief's and the Saiyaman.

"Gohan, take that mask off now. Dr. Briefs, are you okay?"

The Great Saiyaman took off his mask, and there in his place was his alter ego, Gohan. Gohan smiled and helped up Dr. Briefs. Dr. Briefs spoke.

"Those crazy fools, they really thought I had their money. It's not my fault they lost it. Thanks you two, but if you'll excuse me I have some work to do."

Goku grabbed Dr. Briefs by the shoulder.

"Hang on, I need to ask you a favor. You know that training station you said you were going to build a few months back? Well, we kind of need to use it, NOW!"

Dr. Briefs looked blankly at Goku, and then held out a capsule.

"Here my boy, take this. It has all of the specifications you asked for. Up to 1000 times gravity, weight rooms, sparring rooms, and I even copied the plans in Kami's Pendulum room and put one of those in there. I hope you find it to your liking."

Goku nodded and then took off flying through the hole in the back. Gohan told Dr. Briefs thanks and went out the same way. Dr. Briefs shook his head and then continued scavaging for loose parts.

Chapter 8

Freeza walked down the halls of the huge spaceship which was now his home. Even though he had spent years here now, he was still amazed by the sheer imensity of it. It was the perfect training station for anyone, and he knew he was lucky. Freeza began to think back, to his past and how he became who he know is. He was lucky, after all, to be choosen by his new master. After being killed by the Saiyan boy he spent his days in Hell constantly tormented by the thought he was beaten by a stupid monkey. Freeza then one day met up with another fighter, one with imense strength. He was Cell, and they became aquantances. They trained together, hoping to become strong enough to defeat the Saiyans. When he lost to Kakkarot again in the Hell Tenkaichi Budokai, well Freeza snapped. That was when he met his new master Tourles. He got Freeza and Cell out of Hell, and along with Raditz trained them all. When Buu died and then too joined them, they formed an undefeatable force. Now only Kakkarot stood in their way. But Freeza still had one problem, and that was he took orders from a monkey, a Saiyan, Tourles. But Freeza realized once he became strong enough, then he could take charge like he always should have been. Until then, it was best to follow orders. Suddenly a door opened to his right. Buu stepped out and spoke.

"Master Tourles wishes for us all to meet him on the bridge."

Freeza nodded and walked torwards the bridge. He met Cell on the way there and all three of them walke dout together. Tourles stood at the bridge, smiling. He looked at the three and spoke.

"I believe it's time for me to eat another fruit. These Earth fighters can be tricky, and in a year they might be able to offer a small resistance. I want to get stronger. Here are the seeds to plant the tree of might, now find a good planet and bring back some fruit. And if you dare eat a peice I will destroy you all and then fight everyone on Earth alone. Do you understand?"

The three nodded and then took the seeds. They all left and got into their pods. Cell spoke on the radio to the other two.

"What's a good planet to plant it on? One with lots of energy."

Freeza punched a few buttons on his computer and then found a planet.

"How about Hatzil? It would only take two days to get there, and a fruit from there would double the power of our master."

The other two agreed and they set the coordinates for the pods. Then, in an instant they took off. The pods vanished into the stary sky as Tourles watched from his bridge. He then turned to the computer and punched in a few numbers. Almost instantely three Saibamen jumped out from the shadows. Tourles spoke.

"Each of you are the finest fighters of your kind. You all have a power level equal to that of Kakkarot, when he isn't Super Saiyan. I wish to train a little, humor me."

The three shot forward instantly and charged up ki attacks. Tourles raised his index finger and the three immediately vanished, disentigrated by his attack.

"Whoops, I didn't give them a chance. Hmm, I hate to waste Saibamen like that. Oh well."

Tourles then sat in his chair and looked out torwards the sky, smiling. Evil thoughts coursed through his veins, and it pleased him. Finally he could exact revenge on Kakkarot and finish what was started so many years ago.

Chapter 9

"Damn that Raditzu."

Vegeta was flying down Snake Way at an incredible speed. He had allready powered up into Super Saiyan form, and was contimplating level 2. Vegeta looked off into the distance but saw only the orange clouds he had grown accustomed to on this journey. He felt his body beginning to ache so he decided he deserved a short rest. He stopped and landed softly on the path. Vegeta looked around and then though to hisself.

"Raditz, it's his fault I'm on this cursed path to this King Kai's place. I should be on Earth, training with Kakkarot or my son, getting stronger, not just flying. Besides, how strong can this King Kai be? One of his kind that trained Kakkarot had a power level equal to Nappa's. This one can only have a power of 10,000 at best. Why do I waste my time?"

Vegeta looked off the side of the path and saw only clouds. For the last month he had been doing nonstop running. He couldn't even feel another ki anywhere close, was it possible there was no King Kai? Vegeta's face filled with rage.

"If that's true, there will be hell to pay!"

The Saiyan prince hopped to his feet and powered back up to Super Saiyan. He then continued to power up into level 2. Vegeta snickered and then shot up into the sky, flying at full speed.

Meanwhile, on a diferent path of Snake Way, Krillin and Yamcha were both flying at full power along Snake Way. Yamcha started thinking to hisself about how crazy this was.

"Man, we've been going for a month now. I know we've gone at least a billion miles, without exageration. Krillin seems to be doing fine, but I'm starving. I need to eat."

Yamcha looked at Krillin, and then spoke aloud.

"Krilllin, hang on."

Krillin stopped and looked at Yamcha.

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