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House of Data Preservation                             Documenta (TM) Ltd.

Brief Introduction


The use of computers have opened up new horizons in business growth and productivity, providing solutions for transactions, accounting and project management and decision-making can be done more quickly, accurately and efficiently by flow of information and data via a network.   was established in 1997 with a view to enhancing these capabilities through a personal computer network.




From a humble beginning, we have steadily diversified into every corner of the Information Technology arena. From simple, low technology, our company has made significant advances by using sophisticated high technology, which solve our client’s requirements.



Ever since, Business Communication Resources and its subsidiary and associate,    Documenta (TM) Ltd., aim to provide a specialized and comprehensive range of information technology products and services for our corporate clients. 


We are the first digital archiving sector in the growing IT market in Bangladesh. Our motive is to preserve Newspaper Publications, Historical Documents & Manuscripts and to provide future researchers the ability to obtain information on our National History. This process of maintaining a digital library was first introduced in the United States of America (congressmen library). 



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