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I am Chacham the writer
of this page and several others
I want to thank you for taking time
to read and visit my pages
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The Lord said to Moses " I bare you on Eagles' wings,
and brought you unto myself."

But those who wait for the Lord
who expect, look for and hope in Him
shall change and renew their strength and power,
they shall lift their wings and mount up[close to God] as eagles
[mount up to the sun] they shall run and not be weary
they shall walk and not faint or become tired.

A Word From Chacham

There are a couple of characteristics that Eagles have
that when compared to Christian walk and experience
are very illuminating to our ever searching spirit.

For God to have delivered and brought the Children of Israel
out of Egypt was indeed a miracle.
Like wise in similarity it takes a miracle of God
to deliver us from the bondage of our Egypt(sin)
and carry us to our canaan(faith) land.

When reading the Bible there are many symbolic teachings
in the old testament there are terms that are often hard
for the new bible reader to understand.
We usually call them types and shadows.

Meaning the various symbols used to represent a truth about God.

One very common one, that most people know
is that Jesus was referred to as the lamb of God.
This means He was the sacrificial Lamb
offered for our blood sacrifice
to obtain our salvation.

When I spoke of the coming out of bondage in Egypt,
this is similar to the Jews that were in bondage to Pharoah,
You and I were in bondage to sin.

Like wise as the Jews were led by God
through the wilderness and brought to their land of promise,
we are brought to a spiritual place
where we can live in the blessings of God in this natural life.

>This is referred to as our Canaan's land,
once thought to be entered through natural death
but we now know it is to be entered into
through the miracle of a spiritual death.

This spiritual death I am talking about
is entered into when we give up all
of our religious attempts to please God,
and simply throw our selves on the unearned mercy
of Jesus Christ and accept his finished work
on calvary as our only hope of salvation.

You may think this sounds easy
and it is, however, there are countless millions
of americans alone that are trusting various church memberships,
and teachings as well as keeping many outdated rituals
of man made religious rules.
God in his word calls these ideas (FILTHY RAGS)

Isaiah 64:6

The Eagle has some wonderful characteristics.
When an Eagle gets very worn from life
he withdraws to a place that is hidden
and where there is fresh water
and while he is there he doesn't hunt
because his beak has become dull and his claws as well.

So not hunting and no food this is a fast
and while so doing, his feathers moult and fall out.
His beak also falls off, as even so his claws and talons
do like wise.Then as he begins to drink this fresh water
(symbol= Word of God) a wonderful transformation
begins to take place. His feathers grow back out,
His beak becomes new like your second teeth,
and his talons grow and are sharp once again.

Thus the Scripture: They that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength as an Eagle.

This doesn't even stop here, for underneath the Eagle's wings
are pockets of oil which he breaks and anoints himself
and he shines and glistens in the sunlight.
Like a child of God who has been anointed with the fresh oil
of the Holy Spirit.(another type)
The the Eagle goes to the edge of his high place
and does not flap his wings, but waits on the currents of the wind
to lift him up(Type of Holy Spirit).

Thus we simply say the Eagle MOUNTS UP.(Isaiah 40:31)
with wings as Eagles.

Another quality that the Eagle possesses
is the ability that other birds don't have.
He has special eyelids, that drop down
and with these, he can fly directly into the sun
and his enemies, cannot pursue him.

let us learn from the Eagle.
Feed on God's Word,
receive a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit,
Wait on Him to lift you into your position or calling,
then fly straight into the SON.

Don't take your special spiritual vision off him
but keep looking straight at him
and your enemies cannot pursue you
and You will soar as an Eagle!


There's a place that I found that is holy
and I run to it's safety for shelter
only those who abide under the shadow
will find rest and refuge from the storm,
it is a place like no other
and I long to dwell with you o Lord
The secret place of your presence
far from the winds and cares of this world.
O hide me in your great pavilion
all that I need I find in you.........
.... in the secret place

Words by Joe and Becky Cruse

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