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(Note:  Much has happened in the past two years.  Most of this work applies to MM7 & MM8 as well, so perhaps I'll expand this guide to cover all three games.  For now, you need to know that the 1.2 patch for MM6 corrected all the really ugly bugs, but not without creating some minor ones.  Give us a shout at Redneck's MM6 Tavern and we'll give you the details. -- Bones, March 3, 2001)

As you probably already know, Might and Magic VI is a richly diverse game.  There are adventures, exploration, action and puzzles, all wrapped around a CRPG character development system.  There is also a great amount of combat.

This work is exclusively a combat guide.  We will cover many aspects of the game, but only to the extent that they relate to combat.  If you are looking for information on something other than combat, you'll want to check out the many good Links under the Other heading on the expanding Menu to your left.

Please familiarize yourself with the Basics first.  The information on combat has been divided into the three major sections that follow.  Each of these sections begins with an brief introduction and ends with specific recommendations.

You may find some sections under construction, for which I apologize in advance.  Major updates will be announced on the message boards listed on the Links page.  In the meantime, if you have a question on something not covered, or a question on any of this material, feel free to email me via the link on the Contact page or give me a shout at Redneck's Tavern.  There's a special button on the Contact page if you'd like to be notified of future updates.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.

© John C.  Macaulay (Bones)
May 1, 1999