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W I N   o n e   o f   m y   a w a r d s !

    I have been thinking about doing this for some time now.  I like the whole idea of awards for good pages -- besides making the page owner feel pretty good, it helps people to know what pages are at least worth checking out (cause I've seen a lot of crap out there).  Now, you might be thinking, who is SHE to be giving awards?  Well hey, I think that anyone can make awards to give out... even those people whose pages might not be the most fantabulous you have ever laid eyes on.  :)  Besides, it's all just in fun anyway.
    Currently, I have three awards to hand out.  I'm going to try to hand them out monthly, but it might end up being every two months instead.  (Depending on how busy I am, and how many entries I get, etc.)  You will notice that I have made it so that the criteria are not TOO difficult or demanding -- this will hopefully emphasize the fact that it is for fun.  Here are the possible awards:
This award will be given for a page that is just plain fun to visit, without being too hard or annoying to navigate. This is an award for a page that is nice and original, which thinks of new and fun ways to do things, and doesn't say just the same old stuff. I'm going to give this one for a page with a really great layout, something that is nice to look at and easy to navigate.

    Please send your submissions to me with the following information:
                                                        site address:
                                                        site name:
                                                        (short) description of site:
                                                        which award are you applying for?:


Super Page Award winner -- I had to give this to Corinne for her fun design.  She has an interesting method of writing out lyrics with her links incorporated.  It's fun to find out what will bring you where, and she has a lot of stuff to see.  It's definitely a fun page to visit, so why not check it out? []

Sneaky Girl Award winner -- Aah, now can I not give this to Lucy to start off my awards?  She is the most creative and original girl I know, and it definitely shows on her page.  It is a personal homepage with typical Lucy-ish flare, and I highly recommend that you go there. []

So Good It Hurts Award winner -- This is a page that was recently updated from good to great, and it's a pleasure to give it the "great layout" award.  It's very nice to go through and easy to navigate, and has fun stuff for all to visit. []

: : WINNERS FOR APRIL : : are out!  Hey, check out these sites, they are neat and nifty.

Super Page Award winner -- Although I don't overly approve of the language at times (shucks, I'm just not the cussin' type), I really like the design and stuff on this page. The intro page is neat -- I have never seen something like it before, which is always nice. I like the little blinky things. :) She wrote to me telling me that it was "me. the truth." How can I argue with that? And then she quoted Leonard Cohen, which made me smile (despite the dark significance of the quote).  Go see it. []

Sneaky Girl Award winner -- I just gotta give this to my little "17 girl" -- Felix keeps updating her page, which makes me happy, and there is a whole lotta stuff to do on it. Good content is always so nice. Plus, it's all pink (which, oh help, I'm starting to like... just a little) and she loves socks, just like me. This page is kind of like the opposite of Didi's (the other award winner) in colour scheme at least... and kind of in attitude as well. What a nice bit of diversity. Now, go see her. []

So Good It Hurts Award winner -- I am a little in awe of this girl. I have a feeling that she won't put up my award or anything, but I have to give it to her anyway. Her amazing amount of content and her stunning layouts just... impress me so much. I just don't know what to say about her that could be enough. You'll have to visit her to see what I mean. []