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Iraq's History Page


It might be obvious for everyone that in order to establish a correct understanding of the situation in a certain country, you need to acquire a proper knowledge of the history of that country. Thus, I tried to collect as much information as possible about the Iraqi history. The main objective was to provide a historical profile of Iraq that is both short and satisfying at the same time.

Here you will find breif information about the different stages of the Historical development in Iraq, from the oldest known traces of the early human populations in this part of the world until the recent days in a chronological order.

I hope that this humble effort would help younger Iraqi generations in diaspora to maintain a better knowledge about the History of their Homeland, and at the same time I hope that every friend of the Iraqi people would find some useful information regarding the history of Iraq.

Please... Notice that the long and rich History of Iraq is much greater than being displayed entirely on few pages on internet; yet this page could serve as a proper start point.

If you wanted to comment the contents of this page or if you wanted to correct any detail that you believe is incorrect pleas don't hesitate to contact me .


The Contents



The Sumerians

The Akkadians


The Empire of Ur III



Old Babylonian Empire



The Assyrian Empire


The Neo-Babylonian Empire


Mesopotamia under the Persians & Greeks



Mesopotamia under the Arabs

Mesopotamia becomes " Iraq "



Iraq under the Mongols



Iraq under the Turkmen tribes



Iraq under the Safavids of Iran


Iraq under the Ottoman Empire



Iraq under the British control




The Modern state of Iraq