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What To Know Of Rome And It's Pope

Links to further study materials.

It is so very important to know what the RCC is about; there are so many ways that this entity seeps and creeps into the world at large; only by knowing what the RCC claims to be can there be any true understanding of it's role in world politics and planning. For this reason, the following links are shared.

An excellent, fast-loading site to study the Code of Canon Law: On this Code the Roman Church is built. It supplies the necessary legal roadmap for the Church to do whatever it wants or needs to do.
Go here:
Code Of Canon Law

Here is another great site for studying the Baltimore Catechism; the Baltimore Catechism was put together in the 19th century to make the Doctrine of Catholicism easier to impart to American students.
Go here:
Baltimore Catechism

Now here is an excellent resource for every serious student: Downloads! Catholic Downloads.
Go here:
Catholic Downloads

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