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Krista's Prom
Matthew & Krista (and friends nearby)
The 3 sisters awaiting Krista's prom
First Shot of Krista
Ahhh, what a cute smile.
With 'friends'
A nice shot of the proud prom-goer.
Walking around showing of her lovely dress
Shane & Krista
Krista & I
Rob & Krista
Rob & Krista dancing
Genora & Krista
Krista with Aunt Bev and Genora
Mom with drowsy Krista
Rob, Mom and Krista
The family
Mom, Krista and the Aunties
Krista with Skip
Uncle Hughie and Aunt Pat with Krista
Mom and Krista
Rob, Mom and Krista
Me, Rob, Mom and Shane with Krista
prom 23