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Beautiful Stained Glass Pieces

Pictures of Angels Pictures of Fruits Pictures of Animals Pictures of Various Pieces ~*Handcrafted in Cape Breton*~

*Paquet Full of Glass*

Paquet Full of Glass is a stained glass business,owned and operated by Linda(Paquet)Tobin in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

After taking classes herself several years ago, she was instantly drawn to this beautiful art. She opened her own studio five years ago and her glass pieces were a huge success within the community. Her beautiful stained glass pieces are always on display in a picture window located in her backyard studio.

Linda travels to various Cape Breton craft shows throughout the year, always getting rave reviews for her glass.

She has a wide variety of glass pieces which can be bought literally "off the window" or by pre-ordering. She also takes custom orders, being able to make almost anything you can imagine. Some categories her glass can be broken into are:
To date, her stained glass pieces have been sent to places all over the world. Such places include Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland and various places throughout Canada and the United States.

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