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Horton Journal of Canadian History - Volume II - 2001

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Students and their respective journal submissions: pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Sesch Collins     pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Andrea Cosman  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Maria Curry      pushpin.gif (1016 bytes) Max Degauspushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Amy DeMarco  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Morgan Dunbar  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Crystal Faulkenham pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Leah Flaherty  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Julie Gardiner     pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Emily Harris     pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Theresa Hebb     pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Matthew Howatt  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Anna Kennie     pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Marissa LaPierre  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Aja LaPointe    pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Will MacDonald  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Carrie Macmillanpushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Hayley MacPhee  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Rita Metermaid      pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Melissa Newcomb   pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Jason O'Hearon  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Andrew Rafuse  pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Emma Slipp       pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Leah Swift         pushpin.gif (1016 bytes)Jamie Wade Editor's Note:

Welcome once again to the Horton Journal of Canadian History. This edition, the second to be put out by the students in the Canadian History 12 course at Horton High School in Wolfville, NS, contains a refreshingly eclectic collage of essays. These essays range from political analyses of the Lesage years in Quebec, potatoe farming in Prince Edward Island, UFO sightings in Canada, the Canadian effort at Dieppe, the history of the Edmund Fitzgerald and whether or not the Holy Grail is perhaps hidden right here in Nova Scotia. These and many more reflect both the diverse nature of study in Canada, as well as the talents of the students involved.

Once again, hats off to the students enrolled in Canadian History 12 at Horton. Enjoy their papers and we would like to hear back from you. I would also encourage you to visit, or re-visit, the first edition of the HJCH



Sean Bennett , Staff Editor, HJCH                                                                       

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is an online periodical, produced once a year. Reproduction of the papers found in this journal can only be re-printed with permission of the H.J.C.H.. This journal does not condone plagiarizing the information found on this page.

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