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Aiden Avalon

Name: Aiden Avalon

Age: 44

Birthday: January 3

Fav Food: Noodles, anything sweet

Profession: Archeology Teacher

Likes: Archeology, Egyptology, Video Games, Sports

Hates: Seeing Tori and Sakura pick on each other

Best friend: Misuteri Syona, Kero

Aiden is the father of Tori and Sakura, and has been doing his best to take care of the two since his wife Natasha, died 10 years before. He works at the university as an archeology teacher, and because of this he's called away a lot for conferences, lectures, and other things along those lines. He has no clue about Sakura's life as a Card Captor.

Role in GemCaptor Chronicles

Aiden finds out about Sakura's powers in Episode 32, after the gang captures the Lock Gem. He is shocked at this, but at the same time amazed at the fact she could keep her powers, and Kero's existence a secret for three years. He now supports her quest, but sometimes worries when she's out battling the Kayo Gems. He and Kero as well every weekend play video games against each other.

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