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I wanted to modify my Samurai in a way that it would be a better off-road rig and have a nice smooth ride. Solution?? Coil Srings!!

Yeah it was a project that was sitting in the back of my head for quite some time. Until one day at mechanic's school, the teacher was doing a demonstration on how to disasemble a strut assembly. He had used this one strut, as he was tearing it apart, i noticed that it would be a real good spring for the samurai. I aked what they are out of so that I could go to the junk yard and get a set. he said they were out of a 82 to 85 Volkswagen golf, Front struts. He said not to bother going to the junkyard... he gave me the two strut assembly's. So here's what you need to make a very good coil sespension fo the rear at a afordable price.

2- Golf strut assembly's

4- Tractor top Links (22 inches at shortest adjustment)

8- 3/4 inch Bolts (5 inches long aprox.) , nuts and washers.

1 - 3/4 inch drill bit

Lot's of 3/16 or 1/4 inch steel plate

Disassemble the rear suspension, then start cutting out all the bracket's. It makes it easier if they are all the same demnsions. when cutting out the large notch to fit around the axle use a spary paint can, it's the same diameter. cut out four of these plates about 4x4 inches with the notch more offset to one side. Later you can round the edges. drill the holes in the same spot on each one. Next drill out the spring hanger on your frame and test fit with you links. I had to cut some of the tube the eye sockets thread into in order to fit them in. Line everything up even steven and weld.

Now you can start working on the diff hugger. i took a strip of metal bout 3 inches wide and about a foot long. I bent the metal so that the center of the longer side was centered over the center of the axle. i notched out the other shorter side to fit around the axle tube until the unti was level. i cut out a section of metal for the back of it for strength. Made two more plates for the top. It make is easier if you put the bolt, plate's and link end together and do a make shift fit, The best angle that i though would be good for the diff hugger hangers would 45 degress from center, turns out a angle of 50 would be better.

Now weld the diff hugger to the top of your axle, take care not to warp you diff. If you design you diff hugger beter than me then you won't have to cut off your diff breather and weld it closed, I had to. Also remember to remove you diff fill plug to let all the smoke out from inside. Once that's mounted, cut some more hangers about 3x3, to weld to the frame.

Once that is done, you can start to take measurements in order to center the axle under the samurai, take your time in doing this or she wont drive quite straight. Now back to the strut, cut off the upper and lower coil mounts and weld a plate of steel on each one for strength. Test fit it, center the springs and weld in place. Build some limting straps, so your coild don't fly out and make sure is tight, and go flex on the closest thing you can find!!!