Charlie Company

Maj RJ Ford
Officer Commanding C Company
16 July 2002

C Company as part of the 3 PPCLI Battle Group, is actually a Rifle Company from 2 PPCLI in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We arrived a little bit later than the rest of the Battle Group, by about one month. We made it to Afghanistan just in time to participate in the first BG combat operation, OP HARPOON, with an air assault onto "The Whale", a mountain feature in the Shaw I Kowt Valley. Since then C Company has participated in every 3 PPCLI BG operation. On OP TORII. C Company air assaulted into the mountains of Tora Bora.

We took part in OP CHEROKEE SKY, with an air assault into the mountains north of Qalat. This OP also saw a second air assault into the Sinkay Valley. C Coy has had the good fortune to participate in some Coy (-) level Ops, most notably OP PACK MULE with an air assault into the mountains in Helmand province. We have also conducted the full range of operations and training back in Kandahar over the last 4.5 months.

It has certainly been hard work and a long haul. The soldiers have accomplished every task ever assigned to them, and have gained some great experience. The support of the families back home has been tremendous. The support received in the form of letters, emails, and the postings to various websites has been overwhelming and much appreciated.

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