The Royal Canadian Legion
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma Post No. 180 (U.S.A.) of Virginia
1820 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23503-2502

Stephen Lovett

Dean Brassington
Summary of Minutes of Monthly Meetings Held at Conklin's Irish Rover Pub 30 November 2008.
The November meeting was led by Vice Commander Roy Rivers with the following members present:


The Vice Commander welcomed the Legion attendees, and guest John Prince, called meeting to order and proceeded with an official Royal Canadian Legion opening ceremony. Meetings will be held on the third Sunday of monthly at 1600 hrs at the Conklin's unless otherwise indicated. All are cordially invited to attend.

The following business was conducted at the meeting:


To help acquaint our guest and members, those present and those reading these minutes, brief introductions summarizing service and how they came to be members of the Virginia Post 180 follow:

Andrew Connell - Served with the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada in 1958. Served with the USN 1960-1983 and liking life at sea so much, he spent another 20 years with the Merchant Marine. He keeps sheep dogs in Scotland and North Carolina. He has been a piper all his life, was brought in by Terry, and wishes we had a band. He also has a full back tattoo of the Red Ensign and a long memory.

John Prince - Joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets (8th Hussars) at a tender age of 14, he rose in 4 years to be the CO of the Cadet Corps, was, among others, a Drill Instructor at Camp Aldershot. Having found an area without much snow, he liked Virginia Beach so much he moved here, is not in the witness protection plan, but is in the marketing business.

Fred Romano - Served with the 48th Highlanders in 1957, was an instructor at Ipperwash, Woolsey Barracks in London and made trips to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Served with the USMC from 1960 to retirement including "sun burns in Vietnam". He also served as Senior RSM for Virginia in the Army Reserves. Answered the call to the band with Andrew and was drum major.

George McCrae- Requested the last bio be copied from January 's minutes, which includes being born in Halifax in 1917, growing up in Glendale California, attending LSU on a track scholarship, including time in the Sugar Bowl, was Lockheed engineer on graduation for 2 1/2 years until he saw a John Wayne movie and quit for Marine boot camp in San Diego. After a start as a radar tech he went to New Caledonia, as a Marine Raiders, advancing from Guadalcanal until a sniper caught him in the arm in Guam. After 2 years recovering in hospital he lived in Long Beach and Hawaii retiring to Virginia Beach. He also has a Terry connection, at one time in three Pipe and Drum bands simultaneously.

Roy Rivers - Joined the Royal Signals in 1978 as an operator. He served five years with the Artillery, five years at the Communications School in Kingston, then a stint at Brigade HQ for Generals McGreggor and McGuiness before going to Ottawa for 5 years, then Petawawa to instruct on the new com gear in Canadian vehicles and back to Ottawa to run the Comm Center, with detours in Afghanistan and the Middle East before the current tour here. At the Post Commanders request, he assumed duties of Vice Commander in Steve's absence.

Norm Albright - Was born in 1923 in Philadelphia. He father was an Army pilot who flew with Eddie Rickenbacher in WW1 and was later killed in a air crash. His brother broke his back going to West Point. Norm volunteered for Annapolis but the Draft Board had other plans and he started off in the 3rd Armored Cavalry. After an accident in Tennessee, he wound up for a time as an Army pilot training in Gulfport, flying Stearmans, until the program was cut, then trained with the 10th Mountain Division in Colorado, at the time Senator Dole was there. After paratroop training in Fort Bragg, he became a Recon Sgt, then 1st Sgt at Fort Leonard Wood, retiring after 26 years as a Sgt Major. His connection with the Scottish Society and Terry led him to the band, in need of drummers for the many parades in the '90's


a. Minutes: The October minutes were read and accepted as written. Approved

b. Committee Reports:

i. Finance - Bank balance stands at (Not Published).

ii. Membership - Postponed.

iii. Marketing - Postponed.

iv. Azalea Festival - Roy reported that the Canadian Armed Forces Band may be in the area for the Tattoo and could be leading the Canada float. An alternative would be the Royal Signals Band. Plans for working on the float are in consultation.

c. Old Business:

i. Three Vice Commanders' Schedule - Vice Commander Rivers reported he would possibly be out for the next meeting. Commander Tom Manning will preside for the Christmas Dinner.

ii. Dues/Membership Strategy - Potential new members who have just reported into the area were contacted and invited to attend the Christmas party. The planned date/time of December 14th at 1500 was the result of Scott's survey of members' preference. ACTION: Vice Commander/ADJ

iii. Poppy Day/ Veterans' Day - Roy reported on the success of the Veterans' Day Parade. The senior members were appreciative of the front row seats for the parade and a chance to see Dame Mary Barracco. Roy has the money from the ACT poppy collection, pending guidance from Steve Norm motioned that the funds be supplemented by the Post account to support extra efforts for the welfare of local members, as directed by Dominion last year. Projected costs will be investigated. ADJ

iv. Plans of Christmas/New Year's - As discussed above, the membership drive, plans and proposals were discussed and finalized at the third annual holiday gathering at Conklin's Irish Pub. The event will go from 1500-1800. $250 was proposed and approved for subsidizing food for the event to encourage attendance. Andrew Connell will provide music, piping one melody and providing speakers. It will be an ideal time to welcome potential new members and rekindle friendships with members from years gone by. Members, current and potential will be contacted by phone and mail for a head count. Please contact the Adjutant for seating. ACTION: ADJ

New Business/Good of the Order:

2007 Edinborough Tattoo - Andrew proposed holding a near future, possibly January meeting at him home to watch the Tattoo. He will provide the drinks. Fred also offerred hospitality, possibly February.

Royal Canadian Air Cadet Visit Proposal - The adjutant surveyed membership for their interest in hosting 20-30 cadets from Hamilton for a long weekend next March, with details to follow. Initial response was encouraging with space for over 20 available with more if the word is passed to the Canadian community. George also suggested off season rates at the waterfront would be reasonable.

Newsletter - Discussion on the best way to spread news to membership resulted in a spirited discussion of options ranging from email, best, to newspaper ads, limited and resulted in John and Fred proposing to work on a newsletter. Roy will check with NLR for guidance to access to the local Canadian listing

Adjournment - Norm motioned for adjournment, seconded by Andrew noting this was the "longest meeting ever!". The group dismissed at 1800, following the official closing, to a light meal at the pub.

Submitted for approval: Dean Brassington Adjutant Approved: Roy Rivers for Steven Lovett Commander

Proposed Agenda Points for 30 November Meeting

Old Business

a. Three Vice Commanders

b. Dues/Membership Strategy

c. Poppy Day/Veteran's Day

d. Plans for Christmas/New Year's

New Business

a. Royal Canadian Air Cadet visit

b. Christmas Medical Sponsorship for member

c. 2009 Plans

Note: If you have any additional items you wish to be discussed, please forward to the Adjutant prior to the meeting @ 1615.