The Royal Canadian Legion
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma Post No. 180 (U.S.A.) of Virginia
4704 Larkspur Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Terrence W. Bobka

Henry FitzPatrick
Summary of Minutes of Meeting Held at the VFW Post 392 20 February 2005.
The meeting of 20 February 2005 was called to order at the VFW Post No. 392 at 1600 hrs by Post Commander BOBKA with the following members present:

Terrence W. BOBKA
George MacRae

The meeting was called to order and opened with the Traditional Legion Opening Ceremony.
The Commander welcomed all attendees.
The following Business was conducted at the meeting:

Treasurer's Report

a. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Commander BOBKA for the period ending 30 January 2005. He indicated that there were no transactions for the past month and noted the current Post Account Balance was at (Not Published).

Band Report: b. The Band Report was presented by Commander BOBKA. Due to the lack of members for the band, it has been decided to hold it in abeyance until enough are available to attend events, celebrations, parades, etc. He also indicated his interest in accepting an invitation from the Ontario Legion Mass Pipes & Drums of Ontario to pipe at the Rose Bowl of 2005

Committee Reports: c. There were no Committee Reports presented at this meeting.

Minutes: d. The reading of the Minutes of the last meeting was not conducted but made available for attendees to read.

All Reports were accepted as presented.

New Business:

The following New Business was brought forward:

a. Commander BOBKA informed those present that Comrade John Ickes has stated that Virginia Beach has designated the last week in August as Canada Day. The President indicated that he would contact Kelly for more info on this. He stated that this may be an opportunity to promote the Legion in the area by putting up a tent / display.

b. Commander BOBKA indicated that there was an invitation to attend the Pungo parade from Priscilla Beatty. No decision has been made regarding attending it yet (due to lack of members, etc).

c. Coins – the coins were received and distributed to those who expressed interest in them. They came in a nice souvenir coin holder.

d. Dame Mary Barraco – Commander BOBKA visited Dame Barraco recently and delivered her some Legion wine. She was most appreciative. He is still trying to make contact with the Editor of the Legion magazine to get an article printed on her for her actions during WW II.

e. A reminder that Branch pins are available at a cost of $3.00 each.

f. Good of the Order - The Legion Poppy coins have been received and will be distributed to those who expressed an interest in them. No other items brought forward.

Next Meeting

The next Post Meeting will be held on 17 April 2005. The meeting for March 2005 will be cancelled due to members not being available and the Easter break.


There being no further business to discuss, it was moved by Comrade ALBRIGHT and seconded by Comrade LAWRENCE that the meeting be adjourned. Following the Traditional Closing Ceremony, the meeting was adjourned at 1640 hrs.

Submitted and Approved: Terrence W. Bobka, Commander