The Royal Canadian Legion
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma Post No. 180 (U.S.A.) of Virginia
1820 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23503-2502

Stephen Lovett

Dean Brassington
Summary of Minutes of Monthly Meeting Held at the Commander's Home on the 18th of November 2007.
The November meeting was convened at 2108 Mitchell Circle, Virginia Beach at 1400 hrs by Commander Lovett with the following members present:

Stephen LOVETT
Wayne BUCK
Carol BUCK
Jeanne MEIN

The Commander welcomed the Legion attendees and welcomed back guests Carol Buck, prospective member along with long time member John Wallace. Meetings will continue to be held on the third Sunday of monthly at 1400 hrs at the Commander's residence unless otherwise indicated. All are cordially invited to attend.

The following business was conducted at the meeting:


a. Minutes: Wayne moved for dispensing with the reading of the October minutes since all members present had already read them, seconded by George. The minutes were accepted as reported, again noting the correct spelling of George MacRae's name. (A case of Adjutant's dyslexia).

b. Committee Reports:

i. Finance - Current balance on account is (Not Published) with bills pending for graveside markers, poppies and a flag carrying bag discussed by Executive Committee members for approval with this report. Near future commitments are pending for discussion later in the meeting. Wayne moved the statement of finances be accepted as read. Approved.

ii. Azalea Festival - the selection process for the Princess is proceeding. The theme is Nova Scotia. Float building and design committee work plans are being discussed. Further details when JP returns.

iii. Hospital Committee - The general health of the Post is good. Fred Romano continues his recovery from the motorcycle spill and should be back at work before Christmas.

iv. Membership - Jeanne will continue with planning for the new year. The Adjutant is greatly relieved to be relieved of the duty. Paperwork follows

c. Old Business:

i. Poppy Drive - Commander Lovett reported that the annual event will now be administered as a Legion function vice a CDLS Washington program. Dominion Command has directed us to use collected donations as we see fit/to keep them in reserve until next year. He invited anyone with knowledge of a current or past Legionnaire or Vet who could be a recipient to contact him. The money will be accounted for separately as for an emergency fund for outreach. ACTION: Commander/Adjutant

ii. Website - Wayne and the Commander are working towards a Post URL in the new year. We will be moved from the test site to web host, with no set up fee. Research of other Post sites will be presented in January. We do need a domain name, possibly RCL 180. APPROVED: Commander/Wayne (Note: see current site at

iii. Remembrance Day: Considered a success at both sites, Norfolk and Portsmouth. Nine members attended the Portsmouth ceremony for LAC Nash, a smaller but meaningful contingent at St Mary's for the LCDR. Prayers of remembrance were offerred, In Flanders Fields read and small Canadian Flags presented and the Legion Markers were displayed as planned.
Commander Lovett reported that on 12 November an entire ACT military contingent participated in the Virginia Beach parade, with the Canadian NLR, Colonel Galvin on the reviewing stand. The group retired to Murphy's after the event. Now that the process is documented, and filed the only thing required is to brief the new NLR into the training program. ACTION: Commander.

iv. NATO Wives' Club: Wayne forwarded a thank you note from the Canadian NLR's wife Cheryl in appreciation for the Canada Flag pin and noted that the NATO Ladies Club is actually the Ladies' Coffee Club and that the pins have "gone over well."
Four pins were damaged and will be replaced. Further discussion prompted agreement that the distribution of Flag pins should continue prior to major events as part of the RCL marketing campaign. ACTION: Wayne/Adj

v. Azalea Festival Update: No Princess has been selected. The post will contact John Ickes for use of the float platform and spce to work on it. ACTION: Commander/Adj

vi. Post 35 American Legion Legacy Dinner: Our partners at the Willoughby American Legion Post held a very successful fund raiser Legacy Dinner 10 November, with the Commander and Jeanne attending as official guest on behalf of the Post.

viii. Christmas/New Year's Plans: The Commander had spoken with Captain(N) Hatton who thought the Legion hosting a levee before his at 1300 was a great idea. Therefore the proposed Post Levee be held at the Commanders residence be in the morning, 10 am, in "full bib and tucker", Moose Milk and CF Clam Chowder. The motion was agreed to as the official start to the New Year.

Christmas plans were discussed and included a return to Conklin's Irish Pub with subsidized food for members with drinks on one's own. The motion was proposed and agreed. All were invited to bring dues and spouses. As a membership initiative, attire is legion casual. Flags will be on display. The Commander noted that NATO allies are potential non-voting associate members.
As part of a longer discussion on membership and marketing, Wayne motioned that, to start, (Not Published) be set aside for marketing materials, seconded by Jeanne and unanimously approved. ACTION: Adjutant/Wayne

New Business/Good of the Order:

The Commander forwarded a few ideas:

1. Ball Caps: since they may be worn by Legion members, he suggested a design to include appropriate flags and symbols, for an embroidered standard kit item for every new member. Tabled to the January meeting for additional ideas to be offerred on membership policy and accoutrements;

2. Proposed No December meeting - the next to be the standard January gathering. Seconded by Wayne and passed;

3. Research into the relationship of Lord Louis Mountbatton and the Legion resulted in some questions as the choice for the Post patron. In the absence of answers, discussion developed on who was the Canadian Commander of the Devil's Brigade in WWII, the legendary combined CAN/US group which included a Native Canadian and the latitude for name changes as deemed fit. For discussion in the January meeting as a potential part of the marketing campaign. ACTION; Commander/Jeanne

John Wallace reported that while he was back this month, he is moving to South Carolina in '08. He has a long history with the Post as a loyal member for many years, regardless of posting and he will continue to be on strength and support the Post.

Adjournment - John motioned for adjournment, seconded by Jeanne, the group dismissed again at 1512 hrs to a timely round of good food and drink by the hosts.

Submitted and approved:

Stephen Lovett Commander

Proposed Agenda Points for 28 Jan Meeting

Old Business

Christmas/New Year's Levee Wash up: Lessons learned/Next Year's Committee

Comments/Developments on the URL

Azalea Festival Update

Dues/Membership Strategy

New Business

New Members/Initiation


Note: If you have any items you wish to be discussed, please forward to the Adjutant prior to the meeting @ 1400.