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Dale's Wolfden of fun

Dale Chartrand
Poet on the Loose
LARP'er at large
somewhere in the great white north
in and around Canada
roams the icewolf29
(my ICQ)
come find me!

Welcome to the beginnings of my Wolfden.
This is a new leap for me in webpage design....
I will be upgrading as I get the opportunity so bear with me.
You can check out my first webpage at....
Check out the site and email me with your thoughts.
I would like to hear your imput.
Check out this poem and let me know what you think.

The Path I Walk

The path I walk is silent and lone,
far be it for me to find a home.
Silent tears fall, chilling to the bone;
shrill my soul cries left alone.

The path I walk is a hermit's road,
for the silent pain is a heavy load.
Looming shadow's of past pain float,
causing people to snicker; sneer and gloat

The path I walk is a lonely ride,
with no one willing to be at my side.
Silently weeping I walk alone,
with no one to find and share a home

Written by:
Dale Chartrand

Here is another poem for you people to read and that I wrote shortly after discovering my true self.

Stripped Bare
The lonliness that seeps through these veins,
is not from lack of friendship; far from it.
The lonliness stems from two years of giving
heart and soul with totality.
The lonliness that thrusts into me comes from
the lack of a soul to recieve the love and warmth
that my empty heart desires.
My life that contains my heart and formerly my soul,
wonders if love will ever be...

For I have been mercilessly and visciously
stripped bare.

Written by:
Dale Chartrand

...and yet another for your eyes to read...untitled because it's dark quality still haunts me to this day

Depression lives in my life,
swallows my heart and
devourers my soul.

It breathes it's thick,
noxious poison through
my pores; sickening me.

Skin turns pale and wraith-like,
disappearing like my soul;
starving me like my heart.

Pain resides within my eyes,
haunting my friends and
eating brain and heart.

Written by:
Dale Chartrand

Well...enough of the depressing ones...
Here is a recent one...
written shortly after making ammends with my daughter's mother...


My heart and soul,
once thought lost;
are lifted and soar,
roaming free and clear.

My spirit flies,
carried away by friendship;
friendship of one thought lost,
making me whole.

Gladness and joy,
seep through my body;
making me giddy,
drunk on happiness.

Life is clear and pure,
wholesome and true;
freedom once lost,
has regained an empty throne.

Written by:
Dale Chartrand

Well I'm still awaiting replies and poems from people to put up one the page...
so SEND them in!!!!
A spot awaits your work of poetry on this page,
to be viewed by all!

Here is another site that might interest people...
This is my daughter's mother's webpage....
Check it out...
I know she'll enjoy the traffic I'm sending her!!!!

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Love & Romance Greetings

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