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Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: EX (20)
Strength: GD (10)
Endurance: RM (30)
Reason: TY (6)
Intuition: EX (20)
Psyche: TY (6)
Health: 80
Karma: 32
Resources: TY (6)
Popularity: 2

Talents- Acrobatics Marksman Guns Martial Arts B Detective/Espionage

Equipment- Pistol/Handgun: TY (6) damage with nine shots

Contacts- Various Political and Law Enforcement Contacts in the U.S.

History-In the 1930's, David Fortunov became an adventurer for hire, naming himself Dominic Fortune. He gained fame battling criminals and subversives. Although he gained much wealth from his occupation, he was constantly in debt due to his gambling habits. It was this debt and his hunger for adventure and fortune that drove him through countless escapades.

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