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The Homeless Mentally Ill

Vicki Notes


A Historical Perspective

Who are the homeless?

Homeless Families

Homeless Mentally Ill People

Factor Contributing to Homelessness in the Mentally Ill:

Discussed here is substance abuse, poverty, inadequate housing & high mobility.

Substance abuse



Inadequate Housing

High Mobility

Critical Issues Affecting the Homeless Mentally Ill:

These include the effects of deinstitutionalization, barriers to care, the shelter system & health concerns.

Effects of Deinstitutionalization

***Read box 36-2 page 732

Barriers to Care

The Shelter System

Health Concerns


Nursing Diagnosis

Some Nursing Diagnoses:

Client Outcomes:

Goals à Six crucial components for community planning See page 737 1-6.


Create an Alliance

Medication Management


Case Management- encompasses all needs.

Political Involvement and Advocacy


Questions to consider:

  1. What are the factors contributing to homelessness?
  2. Substance abuse, poverty, housing and mobility patterns among the homeless mentally ill.

  3. What are the issues specific to the homeless mentally ill?

The ongoing effects of deinstitutionalization, the impact of loss on the person, ensuring access to care, the shelter system and health concerns.

3. Who is the homeless population?

Heterogeneous, the young, elderly, families with children, victims of domestic violence, runaways, veterans, ex-prisoners, immigrants and the mentally ill. Families are the most rapidly growing segment.

4. Homelessness is a result of what?

A series of crisis, lack of community and family support, poor decision making, external economic issue and missed opportunities with the impact of these losses having physical and psychological effects.




















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