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Theories of Aging

Vicki Notes



The suggested criteria that must be met before an aging theory is accepted is as follows:



Psychosocial Perspectives on Aging


The four Psychosocial Theories we will discuss here are:

Disengagement Theory

Activity Theory

The Activity Theory makes the following certain assumptions:

Life-Course Theories

Hanighurst stated that for older people to progress they must meet the following tasks:

A more recent framework used in conducting research following these assumptions:

Continuity Theory


Biologic Theories

Biologic theories classify aging as genetic (heredity) & nongenetic (wear & tear).

Genetic Theories

Error & Fidelity Theory

Somatic Mutation Theory

Glycation Theory

Theories of cellular aging

Programmed Cellular Aging Theory

Aging Pacemaker Theory

Theories of the Organ System

Autoimmune Theory

Neuroendocrine Control Theory


Nongenetic Theories

Effects-of-Temperature Theory

Nutrient Deprivation Theory

Lipofuscin Theory


Current Thinking & Old Ideas


Theories Presuming a Preexisting Master Plan

Theories Based on Random Events


What is the conclusion of all this?

What are the summarized characteristics of aging?

What are the improvements needed in the area of gerontology?

The End! J