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PSYCHOKINESIS ...the ability to have mind over matter, meaning to have the ability to move things with your mind, to bend metal spoons and keys, and to be able to influance the outcome of events. SOME TESTS (to test your psychokinesis online, look to the moving a spoon on a glass with your mind section below for the web site) ...FLIPPING A COIN. The odds that you get either heads or tails is 50/50. If, out of an average of 10 trys, you get an 6.5 average, you are consitered psychic. TO DO TEST::: obtain a coin. To test for telechokensis, try to control the outcome by trying to get a certain side in a pattern. (ie heads, the tails, heads then tails, over and over) If you just try to guess the outcome before you flip it, you are testing for precontion (the ability to see the future) not psychokinesis.. ...BENDING A SPOON. This one is hard to give directions for, consitering I've never bent a spoon with anything other than my hands. TO DO TEST::: obtain an ordinary, metal spoon. Attempt to bend it with your fingertips, rather than putting any physical force on it. But try to put your mental force on it (willpower). ...CONTROLLING THE OUTCOME OF THE DIE. To test, do test similiar to test for the coins. Odds are 1/6. psi is 2/6. ...Helmut Schmidt invented the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS (RNGs) which are unpredictable, random numbers controlled by machine. Go to: to do this test online. Requires Netscape Explorer 4.0 or higher. ...SPOON ON THE GLASS TEST (taken from ) TO DO TEST::: place an ordinary, metal spoon on the side of a cup. "By concentrating on the belief that the field around my finger tips was very strong, I could momentarily place my finger tips near the end of the spoon handle and imagine it pushing against the magnetic field of the spoon, causing the spoon handle to move downward slightly. I would move my finger tips away to the side to let the spoon handle move back upwards, then repeat the process by moving my finger tips over the handle once more. This repeated movement of my finger tips to the side then back over the handle slowly caused the spoon to rock more and more till it would fall off the glass." *Quote taken from the web site listed above.

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