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Scott's Virtual Photo Album (Italian Section)

This is the Italian section of my homepage comprised of photos and stories that I have compiled this summer while visiting the beautiful country of Italy. Below are a few samples of pics from different regions Italy.

The picture below is from the Veneto region in Lido di Jesolo. Six of us camped out at this site and we only had a two-man tent so the bags stayed in the tent and we on the grass. The others that were with Trent and I had no idea we did not have room for them in the tent when we told them to come camping with us-oops sorry guys!

If you want to see more pics from this region click on Alto Adige.

Italy Vacation Pictures

Below is a pic from Liguria in a small village called Vernazza. This was probably the most beautiful village I have ever seen due to it's amazing geographic location. As one of a series of five small villages that come together to form Cinque Terre that is located perfectly centered between Genoa and Pisa. The five villages are connected by a hiking path which is a climb (to put it very mildly!!!) up and down the coast of the Ligurian Sea which is some 8.5 Kms long and takes approximately 4 hours to complete depending on what you had for breakfast.

If you want to see more pics from this region click on Liguria.


The pic below is of course from the Toscana (Tuscany) region in the town of Pisa. Funny how The Leaning Tower always seems to bring out the cheesyness in most of those who visit. Although there is very little to see in Pisa, it makes for a great stopover on your way to Rome. I only spent 47 minutes in Pisa, 20 to walk from the train station to the Leaning Tower and Doumo, 7 minutes of pictures, and 20 back to my train.

If you want to see more pics from this region click on Tuscany.

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