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X-Ring 1999

Before going up to the ceremony we went to Gabrieau's Bistro for an X-Ring Dinner with all the gang.

Here is the very first picture of my friend Carmel and I wearing our X-rings on December 3rd 1999. Karen Anderson is also present, but somewhat overly fixated on her ring to give a damn about photos.

Picture of the boys at X-Ring night before heading on to the Inn. From left to right Andrew, Trent, Doogie, Me and Elliot.

Here is a picture of my great Aussie friend Trent who flew over from London just on time to catch the celebrations. After having experienced the evening he swears to return - with an attitude like that you are always welcome Trent!!

I managed to get a couple more rings so I am here with Elliot and Tanya and a Tri-Ring fist of gold.

Doogie seen here with Tanya and Kim at the Inn after the X-ring ceremony.

Here are a few of the boys and girls we know in the crowd at the Inn.

Doogie and kim at their old games on the dance floor. are Doogie and Tanya mixing it up on the floor too. Tanya and Doogie being even more classy than before.

Not to be outdone Trent and Elliot are seen here with the ladies.

And here is a pic of Trent giving advice to Elliot about how he works his Aussie Magic on the local ladies.