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Here it is folks-TNR Style!!

This is Doogie and Pat at their Finest at CSAAN 9x. The boys seemed really into taking as much from the conference as they possibly could, and I am not talking about info from the sessions...

This next one is a real SAVAGE experience that we had during one of our Ottawa excursions. The Premiere seems to really like Michelle, I smell a scandal brewing!!

Here we are at Celine Dion's "Nickels Cafe" Me, Joe, Doog and Dom were having a serious scoff- not to mention that we were trying like bandits to smile after the night we had endured before.

And what is better to cure a good night out in Ottawa other than a nice visit to the House of Commons for a brief tour. Doogie, Me and Joe (who looks as though he hasn't slept since '95) were all able to get a taste of what goes on in Parliment so they allowed us to sit on our a!! all day

After seeing all there was to see at the House, we proceeded to our evening meeting where we discussed in great detail the election of our new found (land) friend Evatt Merchant . Being screeched in was one of the stepping stones on the way to an unsuccessful campaign. This is the actual Screeching-In for me and my boys. Joe looks like he just kissed a Cod!

Next day we were up bright and early, dressed in our suits ready to take on the world, or at least the beer that we had left.

This one captures the essence of the great heatwave of '97 surrounding the residence of 25 Maclellan. We were forced to take our business to the bathtub to cool ourselves down. May I remind you again, it is not as it seems...

On my last trip to Toronto I had the great opportunity to make it out with my old work buddies for a night at a Firkin Pub. Callum, Trish, Liz, Tyler, and I enjoyed an evening of chicken wings, potatoe hunks (hehe Liz!) and a pitcher of draft or 2 or 3, ah who cares...

Classic picture of me dressed as a matador for Haloween '99.